Economic System Advetisement

Kelsey Cantera


The benefits of this economy would be to have stable salaries , and you would be provided with basic needs.

The facts -

The Government is the one in charge they decide what to produce , how to produce it , who to produce it for. All decisions are made for the purpose of promotion social goals ; for the good of society.
Stan Jones: Communist World Government

Refutations -

The Cons of Command Economy would be how sometimes it could be hard to organize what they want to accomplish , since the government is in control some of the decisions they make may not be something the community might like.


Being a part of a communism economy would be great to live in because it's safer and the decisions the government takes are for the good of society and they government will choose whats best for the community and that will be easier for the government to provide the people with what's best for everyone.