Farmers needed

Farmers we need you now!!

Farmers as you might know, we have just acquired land we are calling the Louisiana Purchase. We brought it from France for 15 million dollars. This has doubled the size of our small country. Now we also have a better relationship with France.

Make history!

We need to be the leaders for this new land. We need you and your families to start to shape this land. All you need to do is come and start a farm. After all the land is free, so why not. You need to make history! Leave your mark on this country. You won't have to do much. There is land waiting for you, waiting for you to make it yours. Leave something for your children. It may be hard to start, but in the end it will be worth it! Let's make history together America!

Come west! It's better

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Move west, who wouldn't?

If you don't move west soon Manifest Destiny will be gone, and Gods plan for us will be unfinished. For you Mormons it's safe here, you will not be persecuted. For you Homesteders come get your 160 acres of free land*. Don't worry about the the Indian. We have taken care of that. We have came up with the idea of the Indian removal act. Basically we have reserved land for them, and we are going to ask them to move there**.

*If you cultivate it for 5 years.

** If they don't move we have a plan.

***Results may vary.

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