Parent Peek at the Week

Week of November 25th, 2019

In case you missed it.....

Important Dates

Monday, November 25th - Day 2

Tuesday, November 26th - Day 3

Wednesday, November 27th - Day 4

  • 9:00am - 1pm - Time in my Shoes program for Grades 3/4 - 6 in the gym and classrooms

Thursday, November 28th - Day 5

  • 12pm - 5pm - Poinsettia pick up in the gym
  • 6:30pm - Meeting at Crestwood SS regarding the proposed Crestwood Intermediate School

Friday, November 29th - Day 1

  • All day - Festive Friday - Flannel Friday!
  • All day - Junior mixed Volleyball Tournament with coaches Oddie and Pilley

Some important information for this week....

ETFO Work to Rule

As you are aware through KPR communication and the media, our ETFO staff (Elementary teachers) will begin work to rule on Tuesday. Among other actions, these work-to-rule activities include:

• not completing Term 1 Report Cards (student marks will be available, but not comments)

• not participating in professional development activities that are board or provincially directed, beyond the school day

• not participating in EQAO-related activities

• other administrative duties

School activities such as field trips, sports and extracurricular activities are expected to continue. We understand that parents have concerns about any possible job actions at school. We want to assure you that we believe normal school operations for students can and will continue on November 26. Most importantly, teachers will continue to focus on and support the learning needs of students, and parents can contact their child’s teacher to ask any questions they may have regarding their child’s education. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at the school.

Proposed Crestwood Intermediate School

This Thursday, November 28th, KPR will be hosting an information session for parents of all schools potentially affected by the proposed Crestwood Intermediate School. It will begin at 6:30pm at Crestwood SS. Please feel free to join us! In addition, KPR has established a dedicated page on the KPR website to keep our community informed of any related developments. Please see the link from the home page at There is also a central email address to which families can send questions and concerns:

School Council Fundraisers

Thank you to all our families who have been supporting our two fundraisers - Poinsettia sales and Under One Sun ornaments.

The Poinsettia orders are now complete and will be available for pick up in the school gym from 12pm - 5pm on November 28th. Please remember to stop by and pick up your beautiful plants!

Our Under One Sun fundraiser orders will be accepted until December 2nd. Ordering online can be completed at:

Thank you for supporting our School Council in all the extras they do for our school!

School Council Meeting

Last Wednesday, November 20th, we welcomed Supt. Mangold to our School Council Meeting. We enjoyed an open dialogue about the proposed Crestwood Intermediate School. Unfortunately given the time for this important discussion, we ran out of time for other Council business. Stay tuned for an update in the next week or so (electronic information or a rescheduled date).

Festive Fridays

This Friday is the first of our official Festive Fridays. Let's show some great school spirit and rock the FLANNEL this Friday!

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School Improvement Plan

This week, all students in Kindergarten - Grade 6 will be staring a new focus in math - on Number Sense and Numeration. Although December can be a busy time in schools and there are lots of distractions, we will continue to be learning lots about numbers - number relationships, number operations and real life number problems. Continue to watch our Twitter feed for great questions that you can work on as a family. Families who do math together develop strong math learners together!

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Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind...

NOTE: These are all listed on our Edsby calendar too!

December 4th - Grade 6 Kids Program with Constable McCurdy

December 6th - Festive Friday - Fancy Friday

December 11th - Grade 6 Kids Program with Constable McCurdy

December 13th - Festive Friday - Fuzzy PJ Friday

December 17th and 18th - Peterborough Theatre Guild trip

December 20th - Festive Friday - Festive Holiday Sweater Friday

Just one more thing.....

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the negative day-to-day....but what great role models we are when we can show our children how to focus on the positives that are always part of EVERY day! The following website has some great suggestions on how to have positive-focused conversations with your children about their day. Check out: A few suggestions are also included below.
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