Ring Tailed Lemur

By: James Lemieux


Do you know an animal that has black and white stripes? No it's not a skunk or a racoon. It's a Ring Tailed Lemur. Did you know that this animal is not a monkey? I found out it's called a primate. Read on and find out more information.

Appearance & Classification

The size of a ring tailed lemur is almost as big as a small child. The height of a lemur is 32 -39 inches tall. Imagine the height of a desk at school. A lemur is 5 - 6 pounds. That's about the same size as a chicken. The colors of the lemur is black, white, brown and gray. The lemur is so cute and soft. It is covered in fur. Wouldn't you want a lemur as a pet?



Habitat Information

A lemur lives in Africa. It lives in the rain forest. The climate is hot, humid and rainy. Their home is up in the big tree tops. A lemur loves to jump from to tree to tree. Can you believe that a ring tailed lemur takes care of their babies in the trees? I would be scared!!!

Predator & Prey

A ring tailed lemur does not like fossa and people too. Those two like to kill the ring tailed lemur. A fossa is like a cat and a weasel. A lemur protect it self using camouflage and hiding from its predators. It also climbs trees and jumps away.

Favorite foods

A ring tailed lemur eats nuts bares and leaves that,s what a ring tail lemur eats a thing is a ring tailed lemur can find it,s food in the trees or on the grown maybe in the bushes.

Did you now a ring tailed lemur can carry things with his tail? A lemur is a herbivore. A herbivore is a plant eater.

Fascinating facts

A ring tailed lemur has sharp claws!! They have long tails! Did you know that they can jump to tree to tree? A lemur uses its tail to whack the ants off the berries. The lemur are cool!!!!


Wow, this animal is awesome! Did you learn a lot about the ring tailed lemur? I didn't know anything about a lemurs when I first started writing. Now, I know a lot about them.