Change Brought About By Reformation

Created by: Taibou Diallo

What were the changes?

who were the people associated with the change?

The most important people in my opinion are Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Gutenberg. Without Gutenberg the reformation would have been close to impossible because Martin needed the printing press to help make thousands of copies. When Martin decided that he wanted to proclaim what was wrong with the catholic church he started printing the bibles and his 95 theses. John Calvin came along and he didn't like some of the things Luther's followers were teaching so he set about to change some of them. When he started preaching about his new way of life it developed into a new branch called Calvinism.

what is changed at the time.

The most important change that occurred in the reformation is the when the catholic church split into 2 parts. They split was between protestant and catholic. Although, today Lutheranism and Calvinism are religions they did not start they way. It all started with a man named, Martin Luther, when he posted 95 things he believed was corrupt in the church called the 95 theses. This caused several people of the catholic church to question the liability of the church.

How it affects modern day society.

When Martin Luther set about to change what was amiss about the Church he did not realize he was setting of a chain of events though out history. From creating a new, revised Christian way of life, to allowing ordinary people in the future to change what they believe is wrong with the church. In Today's world we have a variety of protestant churches. There are Baptist, Anglican, Lutheranism, Calvinism, and many numerous more. Without Martin Luther the Church probably would have stayed disloyal.