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Washington Newsletter: January and February 2020

Important School Dates

Festive Fridays


It costs $1 to participate. No blue jeans allowed.

January 10th: Disney Day - Show your love for Disney. Dress up like a character or simply wear a Disney tshirt!

January 24th: Sports Day - Wear your favorite sports team shirt or show off who your favorite player is!

February 7th: Favorite Outfit Day - You get to wear your favorite outfit to school and show it off!

February 21st: Workout Gear Day - Be workout comfy cozy and wear your best active wear.

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Student of the Month from November

Kindergarten - Jayden Torres (KCA): Jefferson Largo (KH):

1st Grade -

2nd Grade - 2R: Daniela Garcia (Dec) 2L: Kullen Button (Dec)

3rd Grade - 3B: Cayden Burgos (Dec) 3A: Cristina Castro-Pomaquiza (Dec)

4th Grade - 4C: Karla Navarro (Dec) 4D: Stephon White (Dec)

5th Grade -

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Middle of the year testing will begin at the end of the month. Students can practice segmenting words into sounds. For example. mop = /m/ /o/ /p/, student says each sound.


Students will be showing and solving addition and subtraction stories within 10 using equations.

1st Grade



2nd Grade

ELA: We will continue working on Unit 3 in Wonders. Students will focus on how people can help in a community.

Math: Students will continue working on solving addition and subtraction problems using a variety of strategies.

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3rd Grade

ELA: We will continue working on Unit 3 in Wonders. Students will focus on how we can get ideas from nature as well as historical events.

Math: We will be working on elapsed time problems and then we will move on to solving problems with liquid measurements.

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4th Grade

ELA: We will be wrapping up Unit 3 of Wonders when we return from vacation. We will discuss ways we can help our local community and how to show their community spirit. Ask your child about our end of unit project that will take place 2nd week of January! Also - check out 4Carpentieri's Polar Express Day photo below!

MATH: We are diving in deep with fractions. We will be working a lot on how to convert fractions to decimals. We will also be working on how to add and subtract them. Most important to remember to continue to practice multiplication and division facts. All 4th graders should have them memorized!

Happy Numbers class login codes:

Demers: 546 240

Carpentieri: 654 969

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5th Grade

ELA: We will be learning how an author's point of view can impact the tone and message of the text. We use this skills in our lives every day when viewing real vs. fake TV and news!!!! See the cartoon below!



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Specials Updates




LIBRARY: Students will continue with book check out in library this month and getting to know the organization of the library space as it is updated. We will dive into biographies in the upper grades and author studies in the lower grades!

BoxTops for Education

We are kicking off our collection of BoxTops this month! Every BoxTop you collect or scan is worth $0.10 for our school!!!! All funds go toward purchasing classroom materials! There are now TWO ways for you to help our school........

1. You can submit BoxTops digitally! See the video:

2. You can cut, clip and submit as well!

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