Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was born Febuary11,1847. Thomas won the Congressional Gold Metal. Thomas's first wife was Mary Edison which he had is first two kids, his first one was a baby girl named Marion Edison, then his second one was a baby boy names Thomas Alva Edison Junior. Then when she died when Marion was 12 and Tom Junior was 8. Then Edison got remarried to Mina Millers. Then with Mina he had three kids with her. Their first one a baby boy named Theadore Edison, their second one a baby boy named Charles Edison, and their third one a baby boy William Edison. Then Thomas Alva Edison the first passed away on October18,1931.

Thomas Alva Edison Junior

Thomas Edison Junior was born January 10,1876. Tomm's Parents were Thomas and Mary. When Tomm was eight his mother died and since his father was away on a lot of bissnes trips he was raised by sometimes his father and most the times his relitives. Then Tomm Jr. passed away on June 15, 1912

Charles Edison

Charles Edison was born August 3,1890. His parents where Thomas and Mina. Charles married Cardy Hawkins. Then Charles passed away on November 31,1969.

Thedore Edison

Thedore Edison was born July 10,1898. His parents are Thomas and Mina. He married Anna Maria Orsterhout. Thedore passed away on November 24,1942.

Marion Edison

Marion Edison was born Febuary 18,1873. Her parents were Thomas and Mary. Her nickname was ''Dot''. Since she was trusted so much her father sent her out to buy his cigaretts. Marion married Karl Oscear Oscear in 1895. Marion thought she would have a long and happy marrage but she got a long and hard divorse in 1921. Marion passed away on Apirl 16,1965.