Plastic container that is filled with chocolate!!

Delicious! Original! Easy to use! It's CHOCOROLL!!


We are the "Telem Company" from Israel, glad to introduce our new product the Chocoroll. Chocoroll is a plastic container that is filled with chocolate. This product prevents children from using a knife and it's also a fun way to eat chocolate!!

What are the Chocoroll's advantages?

*It's a chocolate stick.

*It's safe to use.

*It's suitable for children.

*Can be refillable.

*It's suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

Come visit us and try our delicious chocolate!


1 for 3 € or 2 for 5 €

1 for 2.5 (LVL) or 2 for 4 (LVL)

“Anything is good if it's made of chocolate.” - Jo Brand

We are the "Telem Company"!!

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