By: Sydney And Victoria

Staying Healthy In Cold And Flu Seasons


Hello, my name is Sydney and I am with my partner Victoria. Today we will be helping you by giving you imformation. Now you might be wondering what is the imformation about well, they are about how to stay healthy in the cold and flu season. So lets get started!
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The flu/cold season

AHHH! The cold and the flu season is coming up. WHAT!!! No its okay, sorry don't let the sign scare you. If you look below this text, you will know how to protect yourself, so you won't get the cold or the flu!
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  1. You should always wash your hands.
  2. Even though being cold do not give you the cold it is always important to stay warm.
  3. If you are sick avoid close contact.
  4. If you are sick you should see a doctor.
  5. You should eat healthy.
  6. You should also cough into your elbow.
  7. Remember to always get a flu shot.


Just listen it looked weird with 2 pictures in a row. So we just put this here. Okay please do not be mad. So please , please do not be mad.

Also to make up for this we have a CRAZY fact. Flu shots have flu in them so next time the body will realize the sickness.

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When you have a stuffy nose.................................

When you have a stuffy nose, the best thing you can do to clear is to,


That's right, blowing your nose takes all the bacteria out of your nose. So next time you need to, take the time to blow your nose and.......