where were they born ?what year?

Thomas Hobbes was born on April 5, 1588 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England

what are their greatest achievements in life?

He laid the foundation for most of Western political philosophy. It is the quintessential theoretical political absolutism

what are their political thoughts and beliefs?

The reason for the prevailing state is the natural state over the civil state, in Thomas Hobbes may show the historical context as key civil war between Parliament and King, the crisis of governance, the diversity of philosophical and political positions. Thus the wealth of ideas in a conflict arises in contextThe idea of ​​Thomas Hobbes as an atheist thinker no longer holds, especially if an atheist is someone who does not believe in God and that applies to demonstrate its absence means, that is, a militant atheist

who are you going to list as their 2 friends from the enlightenment period?

two kinds of friendshad political and religious.

who are you going list a their 2 friends from the 21 century (THIS TIME PERIOD)MM

but people because now there is no discrimination and many people would support.

why did you chose those two people as friends from the 21 century?.

bacause i think the people of this decade can choose more than one person and would support him very much for your.

thomas hobbs say :

Laughter is not more than the glory that comes from our superiority.