The Taliban

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Fun Facts about Afghanistan

Background Information about Afghanistan


The country of Afghanistan is on the Asian continent. It is located at exactly 33° N, 66° E. It has many a number of neighboring countries, including:

  1. China
  2. Iran
  3. Pakistan
  4. Tajikistan
  5. Turkmenistan
  6. Uzbekistan

Other Info

Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. Their population is approximately 31,800,000 people, and the official language is Pashto Dari.

What is the Taliban?

The Taliban, can also be spelled Taleban, was an Islamic fundamentalist, political movement in Afghanistan. They are specifically Sunni Islamic, and they are in between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The word Taliban means "students" in Pashtoia, a name used because many of the original members studied in Pakistani.

They were found October 10, 1994, and their goal was to wield absolute power. They can best be defined as a group of Sunni Muslim extremists who want Sharia law established as Afghanistan's main law.

We had been in war with them from 1978 to 2001, when we were supposed to have defeated them, but they have been able to regroup and are now trying to rise to power again.

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What was life like under Taliban rule in Afghanistan?

  • Ruled from 1996-2001
  • Defeated in 2001
  • Brand of Islam was how Taliban was explained
  • Girls were required to cover most of there bodies
  • Can be beaten if not escorted by a male
  • Men are required to grow beards and are beaten if they don't
  • Girls were forbid to go to school
  • Girls wearing fingernail polish could have had their fingertips chopped off.
  • No TV, toys, music, photos (were illegal)
  • Protesting illegal
  • Enemies of Taliban jailed
  • Women must wear burqa outside home/when males are present

Why were the Taliban in control?

The Taliban wanted to install complete Sharia law into Afghanistan's government, with them in complete control. Also, Afghanistan was originally under the control of the USSR, or the Soviet Union. The Taliban was then created as a resistance group, since they people of Afghanistan did NOT want them in control.

How did the Taliban get in control?

The Taliban rose to power with promises of peace in a war-ravaged country against the Soviet Union and other Islamic factions. In 1996, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan's capital, which is Kabul. Since then, they have been able to take control of 95% of Afghanistan. However, a small corner of the northeast is controlled by opposition forces.

Since they were defeated in 2001 by the US, they have retreated from Kandahar, but they are regrouping in a region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their numbers have also grown larger, and the US thinks it is due to Arabic Schools that teach Islamic.

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