lyme disease

by Taylor Gardner


Lyme disease was named in 1975 for a town in Connecticut. When Lyme disease first came out people didn't believe it was a real disease because know one had ever herd of it do they thought it was a rumor someone made up. Some scientist say that Lyme disease is connected to another disease that was wrote about in Europe 1883. Before the 1970's people were suffering from Lyme disease and didn't know it because doctors didn't test them because all they had was a rash right then.People claimed they were sick and the doctors didn't believe them. in 1997 the first vaccine became available but got discontinued in 1998 because of poor sales

Is/was Lyme disease a problem

When Lyme disease first came out people were more scared but its not a problem. Not many people die from this disease. From 1999-2003 only 144 people died from Lyme disease. So when it first came out people thought many things about because they didn't know what it will do to your body, people were asking "is it serious"? "could it kill you?" "how long will you have to live?" so it was a little bit of a problem because there wasn't a cure yet but its not a problem at all anymore.

What's your chance of getting it

It depends on where you live and what season it is. If you live near Arizona or California your most likely not going to get it but if you live near Illinois or Iowa then its more of a chance but still not likely. Also summer is tick season so you'll most likely get bitten in the summer. Also your chances being the right tick is slim to none there are many ticks in the world. So its very unlikely that you will get Lyme Disease.

How common

In the 70's there was no treatment so more people were getting it. Scientist were running out of time and they were rushed because more people were getting sick and the doctors didn't know how to treat them. since there was no treatment people were worried. When the vaccine came out and died down and less people started getting it. Then not to long later scientist figured out that antibiotics will work the best so the vaccine got discontinued because people started taking antibiotics more.

Understanding Lyme Disease

Its a bacterium called spirochete that's in Deer ticks that cause Lyme disease, that's why dear ticks are the main source. its not contagious. 1% of deer carry the disease. most is in north america. Its not a big problem in cites. Its more of a problem in the suburbs. Anyone can get it, even pets. If you ever have i really long rash that looks like a target sign i would see a doctor right away because you can develop serious side effects if you do have Lyme Disease.

What Causes Lyme Disease

Deer ticks are the main cause. deer ticks feed on the blood of humans/animals by a bacterial species that only deer ticks have. if you get the disease from another animal its because a deer tick passed it on to another animal which that animal passed it on to you. Any animal can get it. Its not contagious so you cant get it from human to human contact but something bit you if you share something like a drink with someone that has Lyme disease, you will most likely get it.


Avoiding wooded areas. Avoid where ticks live. Tick proof your yard. If bitten by a tick remove soon as possible. Where long pants/ sleeves to protect your skin. You could just avoid going out side at all. If you do go outside put your hair up. If you live somewhere cold you don't really have to worry about it but if you live somewhere hot maybe a little more except if you live close to Arizona then you don't because theirs barley any huminity


There's really only one treatment, antibiotics. You take for two-three weeks and that's it. There was a vaccine but it was discontinued.

The Organs Affected

If you have had it for a while you can experience memory loss. Your knee can all so be affected and it could be hard to walk. Also you can have damage to your tissue/amuse system.


If you think you have Lyme disease. Here are the symptoms: red bump, heart problems, irregular heart beat, hard to move, immovable muscles. Mostly you'll only have a rash, the rash can be up to 24 inches. So you'll most likely see the rash, but then you'll notice changes in your heartbeat then you'll lose your memory.


Its all over the world but its mainly in the east in the united states and west into Europe. Besides Antarctica, or somewhere really cold. Ticks prefer hot over cold. Ticks hate the cold weather that's why its very rare that you will even spot a tick in the cold. Deer tick exceptionally you wont see in the cold.

How Many Cause/Deaths

Theres around 300,000 causes a year and its very unlikely (less then 1%) you would die. Like i said before from 1999-2003 only 144 deaths from Lyme disease.

Other Useful Info

  • around summer is tick season
  • rash is the fist symptom
  • swollen joints
  • ticks hide behid the ear, in you neck, in your hair


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