How Stuff Started and Ended

written by Jacob A.

The Fur Trade

The Natives had a great supply of fur-bearing-animals when the fur traders over in France heard this they traveled in boats to america and went to Wisconsin they traded fur with the natives traded with them to get tools, knives, etc. The Indians were eagar to trade to get those French goods. The Indians were forced to trap more animals the usual the Indians fought over the animals and hunting land that they went to war but they decided to stop the fur trade by going to war against the fur traders.

Lead Mining

Indians started lead mining to use the lead for tools and important stuff then some white men started to come to mine for lead. The first white lead miner was Nicolas Perrot lead mining then became famous by 1776 they mined lead bars then used them as money in the fur trade. In 1822 the first mining company was founded some of the early lead miners got rich by selling lead in 1829 the price of lead was getting low then some miners went into farming and stoped mining.

The Lumber Industry

When settlers first came the northern half of Wisconsin was a thick forest the trees were mostly pine thus Northern Wisconsin became known as pinery most of the trees were owned by the government. They sent a crew of 10 to 20 men they were know as lumberjacks the lived in logging camps in the woods also known as shanties a shanty was a big one room cabin. Several lumberjacks lived in these shanties some lumberjacks were choppers the would cut down trees with an axes but later the used big saws they would put logs down a river to a saw mill and would use a peaveys a long metal rod to push it the lumber industry still go on to day but lumberjacks don't live in shanties and they put the logs on the trucks and drive them places.