Dynamic Broncos Weekly Update

December 8th - 12th


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The holidays are just around the corner and our classroom is all decorated, thanks to Caroline Graham. We have many events coming up, including Las Posadas, the Third and Fourth Grade Christmas concert and Lessons and Carols. You can find more details about time and location below. Please take a look at what is coming up this week!

Reading Workshop

We continue to study the people in our books as a professor would. We have been pushing ourselves to read with our minds on fire, thinking not just about the facts and events in our books but what we think about those facts or events, what they make us realize about our characters and why we think they are important to the story. As we do this we are developing theories and ideas about the characters in our books.

Writing Workshop

Last week the writers in our class reached a new level of independence. Each writer decided whether they would stick with the story they began drafting, revising and editing or begin a second story. Writers will use everything they have learned to take these stories all the way through the publishing process. We will have a small (informal) publishing celebration on Wednesday, Dec. 17th. Writers will have an opportunity to share their pieces with their third grade friends in all three classes.


This week we begin a new Spelling Cycle. The Tic Tac Toe grid activities are due Wednesday, December 17th. We will also have our assessment on this date. You should have received an email earlier today with links to the videos explaining each sort.


We are wrapping up Unit 4 and our assessment will be this Friday, December 12th. During this unit we worked on concepts of addition, including estimating sums, regrouping through the thousands, column addition and problem solving.


Grammar Quiz - Friday, December 12th.

Song Quiz next Tuesday, December 16th.

Please follow the link to the Spanish website to learn about what is coming up in the weeks ahead.


Las Posadas

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 9:30-10am

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX

Join us in the small gym for this special event!

Third and Fourth Grade Christmas Concert

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 10:15-10:45am

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX

Join us in the Lower School Chapel for our Third and Fourth grade concert, beginning at 10:20am.

Lessons and Carols

Friday, Dec. 19th, 8:30-10am

1112 W 31st St

Austin, TX