Parts of Eukaryotes

By Nichol Henderson


The cytoplasm is found in all cells and acts as the transfer medium within the cell.


The nucleus is only found in Eukaryotic cells. It is responsible for storing DNA and controlling the majority of processes within the cell.


Found in all cells, ribosomes are responsible for making proteins using coded instructions from the nucleus.


The cytoskeleton is important for maintaining the shape of the cell and is found in all cells.

Cell Wall

The cell wall is only found in plant cells and is important for maintaining the shape of a cell and protecting the cell.

Cell Membrane

Found in all cells, the cell membrane is used to control what enters and leaves a cell and to protect the cell in this way.


Found in all eukaryotic cells, the nucleolus is found in the nucleus and it is what makes the ribosomes.

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

Found in all eukaryotes, the Rough ER is an internal membrane system covered in ribosomes. This is where proteins are assembled.

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum

The Smooth ER us an internal membrane system found in all eukaryotes where lipids are assembled.

Golgi Apparatus

The Golgi Apparatus is an organelle that is responsible for modifying, sorting, and packaging proteins and other materials. It is found in all eukaryotes.


The Mitochondria is an internal membrane system found in all eukaryotes that is responsible for powering the cell. It converts food to ATP and is where cellular respiration takes place.


This organelle is only found in plant cells. Chloroplasts capture energy from sunlight and converts it to chemical energy.


This organelle is only found in animal cells. Centrioles organizes the chromosomes during cell division.


Found in all eukaryotes, lysosomes break down lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins.


Vacuoles can be found in both plant and animal cells, but are more predominant in plant cells and are used to store materials.

Nuclear Envelope

Nuclear Envelopes are the double membranes that surround the nucleus in all eukaryotic cells. It is used to protect the nucleus and control what can go in and out of the nucleus.