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If you are in the business of selling any type outdoor décor, lighthouses, windmills and other nautical décor is a must have for your line of products. Nautical décor in fact is one of the fastest selling items within most of the coastal states within our country.

If you are looking to increase your line of products with a nautical line, there are several questions you need to answer to assure a high sale ratio.

First is the fact that Amish built anything will sell faster since the Amish are well known to produce a high quality product. If you purchase your wholesale nautical décor from an Amish manufacturer, you will be able to use that fact within your marketing strategies which will significantly increase your sales.

The next important question you need to answer is what type of products do they manufacturer. Without question lighthouses are the largest seller of nautical décor. As we know though, the more products that you have to up sell, the higher your profit margin. Before going into the many high selling nautical décor items, let’s take a moment to discuss the options you should have available to offer your customers.

The largest selling lighthouse is 5’, but that is not all you need to know. There are Amish manufacturers who offer many options to their lighthouses which again will significantly increase your bottom line, here are some of the options you need to look for:

Solar Powered Lighting
Cut out windows and doors which illuminate the entire lighthouse
Rotating Lights
Various sizes for each lighthouse
Replicas of all the lighthouses within the Country
Wooden & Poly Lighthouses

There are certain Amish manufacturers who offer all the options above. Most importantly is the fact that 70% of all lighthouses sold are being purchased with at least one additional option which again increases your profit margin.

While the 5’ lighthouse is the largest seller, you should always offer 3’, 4’, 5’ 8’ and 12’. If you want to stock certain items you can do so with an option to have the manufacturer drop ship other less popular sizes directly to your customers.

Another option that sells extremely well are the poly lighthouses. Poly lighthouses are extremely strong and are guaranteed not to split crack or splinter anytime within our lifetime. This allows the customer to have a painted or polyurethane lighthouse or windmill that maintains its beauty.

The next largest selling item would be Windmills. Again windmills should be offered in small, medium and large sizes. As well it will be to your advantage to find a manufacturer who offers a poly made windmill with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.

Other nautical décor items that sell extremely well would be Pier Post, Nautical Post and Whirly Birds. While all sell extremely well, the Whirly Birds sell out of every store I have seen them in.

If you are seeking a manufacturer who offers lighthouses, windmills and the other nautical décor mentioned above as well as the many necessary options, you may visit the website of one of the largest Amish Built Lighthouse companies in our country. Most importantly it is very important that the manufacturer you choose offers the many options listed above as well as offering the ability to drop shop directly to your customers. Be sure to visit this website as they are one of largest manufactures of Amish built lighthouses, mailboxes, windmills, Amish Built Nautical Décor and much more.