Northeast Region

By:Holly McClintock

Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania , Delaware ,Maryland

Manufacturing in the Northeast

There are a lot of different types of factory in the and business in the northeast. One factory is the printing company they print out 3D shapes and blocks.Another factory is the mining company.Another Factory is the Dairy business , were they make dairy.

Mining in the Northeast

Mining is really helpful. It is helpful because they mine for iron, limestone , coal ,granite cotton.The cotton is for making clothes.Iron is used for making metal. They need coal to start fires in fire places. Granite is made for kitchen counters so is marble. They also use limestone coal iron to make metal

Farming in the Northeast

These are some things that the northeast farms.Massachusetts are were cranberries are farmed.Maine farms potatoes . New England takes sap from trees and turns them into maple syrup.Blueberries are also farmed in New England so are apples and oats and corn.

Climates in the Northeast

These are the climates of the northeast. In the summer it is really hot so it is good for growing crops.They have exactly 40-60 or 20-40 inches of precipitation,and 100-150 or 50 -100 centimeters of precipitation.It is really cold and it is hard for growing crops.In the winter it is 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Land forms of the Northeast

The Land forms in the northeast are the Appalachian Mt. They start in Pennsylvania and end in Maine.The mountains are the Allegheny Mt. Green Mt. White Mt. Catskill Mt. Adirondack Mt.Another land form is Niagara falls.