Alternative Energy

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Why Should We Choose You?


1. Requires a large area

2. Unreliable on overcast days or during inclement weather

3. Expensive to manufacture, install and store the energy


1. The total process, dependant on what source of fuel is used, is expensive

2. Can cause damage to the environment; deforestation and habitat loss

3. Is inefficient, compared to the burning of fossil fuels and emits Carbon Dioxide as well as Methane gases


1. Expensive! High initial, installation costs

2. Energy harvested is difficult to transport

3. Not 100% renewable, if reservoirs are depleted of water faster than they are naturally replenished, the site becomes useless

Coal, Oil and Natural Gas

1. Not a renewable source of energy, it is estimated that we will run out of sources of fossil fuels in 2088

2. The burning of fossil fuels releases green house gases that are damaging our atmosphere and global environment

3. Directly impacts the environment when trees are cleared, water is contaminated and oil is leaked or spilt


1. Very expensive, dams and hydroelectric power plants must be built and maintained

2. Disrupts marine ecosystems, as water is dammed or the flow is changed

3. Limited number of ideal locations to set up a hydroelectric power plant


1. Unreliable on days without wind

2. People living near wind turbines complain about noise that the turbines generate additionally, turbines ruin the landscape of particularly beautiful areas

3. Difficult and expensive to store the unused energy that is generated


1. Radioactive waste: Dangerous to people and the environment as it remains radioactive for hundreds of years, expensive or impossible to dispose of properly

2. Expensive to build a nuclear power plant

3. Chance of a leak or meltdown, leading to disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima

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