Levels of performance

Lucy Cuggy


For this task i will be explaining the purpose of and the resources required for analysis at two different levels of sports performance which are foudation and elite.


Equipment, facilities, fiscal, time

Equipment: Their is a big difference between the equipment used at a foundation level and elite level. As an elite level their is going to be more funds to buy equipment needed, also at an elite level athletes and teams get sponsered to use a brands euipment, theirfor elite equipment is going to be more advanced. Equipment used at a foundation level is going to be basic and not as expensive as foundation level wont get sponsered to used certain equipment or have the funds to buy expensive equipment. For example a elite sprinter recording their speed are going to use timing gates whereas due to the cost a foundation level sprinter is going to use cones and a stopwatch to record how fast they are.

Facilities: Facilities elite performers use such as fitness suits, sports labs and tracks are all expensive to use at this level however focus specifically on a athletes needs. Compared to foundation level the facilities are going to be less expensive and are going to use places such as sports halls, fields generally places that are inexpensive, their for the facilities used at this level are going to be less advanced.

Fiscal: As an elite performer at this level the athlete or teams are going to have more money as they can be sponsored to use certain brands their for saving them money for things they may need e.g kits, equipment, facilities. Also their performance is being publicly watched, resulting in earning money from winning or doing well in competitions etc.At foundation level clubs are set up by coaches, and the clubs generally dont have a lot of funds as the clubs may not be well known and this stage isn't professionally theirfor money isnt being made from performances however at this stage they don't spend money on equipment and the facilities they use are not needed to be payed for whereas at elitelevel facilities are going to cost a lot more as they need more advanced facilities such as sports labs.

Time: Elite level performers use a lot of time to analyse their performance whereas as foundation use less time as they dont generally analyse however if they do it is whilst takong part in a school activity.