Waiting for Godot had to main characters Vladimir and Estragon. Vladimir and Estragon are two very different characters. Popular belief is that Vladimir is the more intellectual. Estragon is the leading male, he has better memory, and he’s more logical. Vladimir believes that Estragon depends on him for his life.


Didi and Gogo are like family.They are like brothers that love to annoy each other .They go through everything together no matter what."I'm glad to see you back. I thought you were gone forever."(Vladimir)


    Did is always talking about the bible and god."Did you ever read the Bible?"(Vladimir) Vladimir is always trying to make Estragon read the bible or to start focusing on the bible. "The Bible . . . (He reflects.) I must have taken a look at it."(Estragon)


The clothes they are wearing isn't such in good quality and they don't have money.They are by a dirty place."In a ditch"(Estragon)They have old raggedy clothes on.