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The Chromebook...

What is it???/ Who invented it???

It runs on Microsoft OS, its a medium size computer that can turn into a tablet, it also has no disk drive. It was invented in 2007. Jeff Nelson invented this smart invention. He created this item because Jeff was on a Google Accountants team, he realized that Firefox was really slow, so he created laptop with its own operating system.

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Surprisingly, It has changed a lot through the years by different colors of the laptop, and it used to be a normal laptop but now its a tablet and a laptop. There were a few versions before the one now like...

  • 2010- Prototype
  • 2011- Acer AC700
  • 2012- Samsung Series 5 550/ Game Changer- Samsung Series 3/ Acer C7



  1. You don't need internet connection to use a Chromebook.
  2. There is a lot to learn for keyboard shortcuts. Ex.) To pass no formatted text anywhere, the shortcut is, CTRL+ALT+V.
  3. Based on an Internet Drive, called cloud!!

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