BTEC First Public Services

Applying/Preparing for jobs in my chosen public services

P1-Describing the current entry....

Educational requirements (Police Force)- There are no grade boundaries you need to get into the police force you just need to have a GCSE in English and Maths.

Physical Requirements (Police Force)- To be able to get to 5.4 on the bleep test, push and pull test and medically can't be epileptic or suffer from any heart/limb problems and also have to pass a hearing test.

Medical Requirements (Police Force)- Your'e BMI must be between 19-30 as that is the average BMI in this country, if your'e BMI is higher or lower than this your'e application form may be refused entry until this BMI is achieved, you need to also have a good respiratory function.

Educational Requirements (British Army)- you only need a GCSE in English and Maths to get in to the Army Educationally.

Physical Requirements (British Army)- If your'e a Male Soldier you must be able to get to 10.2 on the Beep test and if Female Level 8.1, and also whether Male or Female you must be able to complete 50 full Sit-ups in the Space of 2 Minutes, and must also be able to complete the Press-up Test which if Male you must be able to Complete 44 correct Press-ups in 2 Minutes and if Female you must be able to complete 21 in the same amount of time. Also must be able to complete a 2.4km Run if male within 10 Minutes 30 seconds and Women 13 Minutes

Medical Requirements (British Army)- You must be able to pass all the Hearing Tests and Seeing Tests but they currently do not accept anyone that has been given Laser eye surgery, also and also must Weigh between 60.4kg (9st 5lbs) and 96.7kg(15st 3.8lbs) and your'e heights must be between 163cm (5ft 4) and 193 (6ft 4).

P2-Describe the application and selection process for two Public service jobs

application and selection process (Police Force)-

Stage 1 (Eligibility checks) - on receipt of your'e application form they will make sure you fit their sickness, eligibility and residency criteria, they will also check any disciplines that may have been given in the last year or of any convictions you may have had in the past.

Stage 2 (Shortlisting)- if successful your'e application will be processed to the shortlisting stage where they will asses your'e responses on previous work you have done in the community, respect for races and diversity e.t.c they will be looking for specific examples that you have the skills needed to be in the police force

Stage 3 (Assessment)- if passed you will then be required to take a short written assessment, so they can asses your'e writing skills to make sure you can perform your'e designated role in the police.

Stage 4 (Interview)- if still successful you will then be invited to an interview with two already serving officers in the police and will ask you questions such as "what is diversity" e.t.c and this should take you around 45 minutes.

Stage 5 (Background Inquiries) - if you have made it this far then they will run a background check on you and check references to make sure you are eligible for your'e role.

Stage 6- (Medical)- successful candidates will be invited to a compulsory medical. the purpose of the medical assessment is to check that you meet the health criteria to be in the police force.

Stage 7- (File Complete)- this is the final stage of the application process if every thing is good then you will be offered a position if and when a vacancy appears in your'e chosen field.

Application and selection process (British Army)- if you pass all the standards that are required of you, you will be invited to a 2 day stay at an Army development and selection center

Stage 1 (Fitness Test)- you are required to only apply for this job if you have a reasonable level of fitness as in training you will be required to carry equipment that is heavy on your'e back and still have to be moving at all on times on patrol, you will also be asked to do a 1.5km run along with a few strength tests.

Stage 2 (Memory Test)- as a Soldier you will need to be able to take in any information given and be able to repeat whenever they ask you too, you will also have to take a Memory lesson whilst there about a certain part of the Army and will only have 10 minutes to complete it

Stage 3 (Teamwork Test)- Teamwork is the most needed skill when joining the army, this will show them how good you are at working in a team and will also help you improve this skill even more, they will then put you through a test to show how reliable of a team member you are and how much you trust your'e team members and to show respect to one another.

Stage 4- (The Interview)- this is the final step of the selection process you will be required to dress smartly and make sure you are well prepared and speak very confidently.

Identify 3 skills

Teamwork- is required in the police force for doing a job that may need doing fast or is too dangerous alone e.g. arresting a group it is required in the army for being able to track an I.E.D and disposing of the explosive

Problem Solving- is required in the police force for helping to solve a problem e.g not enough room in vehicles transporting people, it is required in the army for helping in dangerous situatiions e.g. they need to be able to stop enemy fire to get the injured to safety

Discipline- is required in the police force so that officers will take orders to help in situations and not listen to the orders given as they could be crucial and they could be putting peoples lifes on the line, also need to be well disciplined out of work because they need to be setting a good example to the public wether or not they are on duty

Identify 3 Qualities

Fitness- is a good quality in the Police you need to have a certain physical reqiurment but also its upto you to get fit and keep fit so that when the time comes and youre in a certain situation youre ready.

Behaviour- is key quality to have in the Police force as youn need to be well behaved on the job and not because like Discipline you need to set a good example to the public, you cant be laying down the law to civilians then disobeying yourself.

Confidence- Is a good quality to have as you need to be confident when speaking to the public especially if they are asking you questions as if you dont seem confident they wont take you as serious and will not believe you.