North Glendale Family Update

September 26 2021

Good morning!

We have two district events this week celebrating another lens of diversity in KSD.

UNIFIED NIGHT LIGHTS: Our 5th annual Unified Night Lights is Wednesday, September 29! Join us at 6 p.m. as our student athletes storm the field and compete in a unified flag football event! This event is free and open to the public. Donations will go to KHS and its Special Education Department to continue the unified spirit within school-wide activities. Non-perishable food items will be collected to stock Kirkcare’s food pantry for the fall and winter months. Let’s pack the stands!

6 p.m. Gates Open

6:15 Participants Storm the field

6:30 game one

6:45 cheer/dance perform

6:50 game two

7:10 varsity valor

7:15 group photo

KSD/SSD Parent Advisory Council: Want to connect to other parents who have children receiving SSD services? Consider joining the PAC on Thursday, September 30 at 6:30 in the Robinson Elementary cafeteria. We would love to have you join us!

Please reach out if I can be of support,


Early Dismissal Friday October 1 at 12:30.


If you drop off in the morning, PLEASE keep kids in the car until an adult is outside. We start unloading/supervision at 8:25. We have found a good handful of kids being dropped off early and they are without adult supervision. Thanks for your help.

Trivia Night 2022 Volunteers Needed!

There's a role for everyone in pulling off a fabulous Trivia Night! The TN committee is looking for YOU! Please use this link to volunteer.
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Box Tops & Coke Rewards

Something along the lines of, do you have any cut out UNEXPIRED Box Tops collecting dust in your junk drawer? Send them in to the office with your student to raise money for NG! And of course, keep scanning those receipts on the Box Tops App! We are also collecting COKE rewards in the office!

Wasting Food at Breakfast ~ Please keep checking with your NG student!

Thanks to a federal grant, for the second year, all students in KSD schools receive lunch and breakfast free of charge. This is a wonderful opportunity.

However ~ we are noticing some patterns with the kids that I just want to put on your radar so you can have a conversation with your student about breakfast.


  • Kids walking past the breakfast grab and go bags but returning when they see a friend grab a bag.
  • Kids getting all the way to class, seeing others eating and then heading back to grab a bag.
  • Kids peeking inside the bag to see if there are pop-tarts.....
  • Kids only eating the preferred item in the bag (and there is a lot of food!)
  • We are finding bags left on hallway tables with all of the food still in the bag.
  • Bags thrown away with all of the food still inside.

You get the idea....

Please don't get me wrong ~ if kids are hungry and need/want a breakfast I want them to have a breakfast! It doesn't bother me if it is "second breakfast;" if a kid is hungry they need to take a breakfast. I will not turn a kid away from the breakfast grab and go table.

I am just concerned about the amount of waste and I suspect there may be more than hunger causing my darlings to grab a bag of free food.

Please talk with your NG kiddo about breakfast ~ Are they taking a breakfast? Why? Are they eating everything or just the pop tarts.... :)

I am linking the breakfast menu here for your convenience.

The GLORY RUN is Back!

Please join friends and community members by participating in the 2nd Annual Glory Run/Walk Virtual Marathon. The Glory Run takes place throughout the month of October. Participants register online, track their miles, and share their experiences and photos to raise funds for a scholarship for a Kirkwood BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) student as part of KSDF's Named Award Scholarship program. To register, visit

Parent teacher conferences will be held October 18-22 via zoom.

Looking Ahead to Volunteering in KSD Schools

While we cannot currently have outside visitors/volunteers in the building I do hold out hope it might happen this year. We do know we can schedule field trips, so, to prepare for chaperones on field trips, here is an update regarding volunteers in the district. According to Administrative Procedure IICC: School Volunteers, there are three categories of volunteers - Chaperones, Volunteers, and Screened Volunteers.

As you can see, chaperones are defined as:

A volunteer, usually a parent or guardian, who assists the district staff and is under the direct control of district staff but is never left alone with a student. Chaperones include room parents or persons who volunteer to assist with field days, field trips, class parties or other special occasions.

Those wanting to participate in future events as a volunteer will need to complete the volunteer form.

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MOM, There was a dog at school today!

You might be hearing that over the next few months as we eagerly support our soon-to-be certified therapy dog, Chloe!

Chloe is undergoing extensive training to work and support all kids at NG. In her "off hours" she lives with Ms. Brooks, a member of our SSD team.

I have had the pleasure of working with dogs in schools for almost 10 years and have seen first hand the impact these non-judgemental and unconditionally loving supports can have.

Chloe is a very good girl and will be such a great addition to our supports for kids. She has already been to two of our faculty meetings to get used to NG adults, and spent time over the summer learning the building.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing more info on dogs in schools and the power a little time with a furry friend can have over someone who is just not feeling themselves (kids and adults!).

Meet the COUNSELING Team

You have heard from your classroom teachers, now it's time to get to know the other folks who may be working with our NG kids! Over the next few weeks, I will highlight other teams at NG that support our kids. Today's highlight ~ our Counselors Mrs. Johnson and Mr.Leonard!

Previous highlights:





Please refer to the NG web calendar for updated info.

September 28

September 29

September 30

  • KSD PAC Meeting 6:30 in the Robinson Elementary cafeteria

October 1

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October 18-22


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October 21

  • Fall Picture Retakes