The History Of Croquet

How Croquet Was Created

Croquet is really just a mix of a bunch of similar games. It was created from parts of all of these different games. Nobody is really sure who created it.

Country Of Origin

Croquet is most popular in England, but that's not where it came from. Some people say that is was from France. Others say it was from Ireland.

Influences From Other Games

Most people think that it was influenced by a French game called paille-maille. Nobody is really sure though.

Rules And Regulations

For some variations of the game, you can only have two or four players. For others, you can have two to six players. You have to hit the ball, with a mallet, through all of your colored hoops in the ground, and then hit a peg at the end. During the game, you can hit the other team's ball, with your own, to mess them up. There are many ways to play this game so the rules might be different.

Equipment Needed

The only things you need to play croquet are a ball, a mallet, the colored hoops you put in the ground, and the peg to go at the end of the game. I've never played this game, but it doesn't look too complicated.