Nuclear Fusion Energy Source!

Alexis Jones and a Scientist may have Unlocked the Secret

May 6, 2015

I am Alexis Jones and I have started up my lab in the UK. I did this in the UK instead of America because I believed that I would have access to more resources, and it paid off! We get the energy from Nuclear Fusion from a process we call Magnetic Confinement. We use a device called a Tokamak.

Nuclear Fusion, compared to Nuclear Fission, is a god. Unlike nuclear fission, if there is ever an outbreak, nuclear fusion can self terminate. Nuclear fusion hardly has any negative effects, other than that it could potentially have minor contamination problems.

With the lower fuel cost, I believe that Nuclear Fusion is the best source of energy for our economy. When people ask me why we do this. I ask them why not. Why wouldn't we try with all our power to give our world the innovation of little to no pollution, safety, abundance, efficiency and reliability.