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September 2021

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Welcome back!

Welcome back to school, Mountain Lions!!


Morris Elementary is now a "gold level" PBIS school. This is very exciting because it means students all know the rules and work very hard to follow them. Thank you to everyone who always remembers to "be safe, be responsible, be respectful" everywhere on campus and at home.


What is good and bad for the earth? Here at Morris we got an award for doing our best to help the planet by practicing good habits such as sorting trash, planting trees, and teaching others the importance of living green. This is a great accomplishment because not every school gets an award like this. Go Mountain Lions! Keep it up!


Mrs. Melissa Feldman

This month's staff spotlight is on one of our new Reading Specialists, Mrs. Melissa Feldman. Mrs. Feldman is a previous teacher who's favorite books are I Love You Forever by Robert Munsch, Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, and Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind by Judy Finchler and Kevin O’Malley. Her favorite movie is Pixar's UP, which is one of my favorites too! She also said that her favorite superhero is Captain America. About her pets she says, "I own one seal point siamese cat and his name is Mozart! He is loud and talkative. I used to have a chinchilla, but I gave him away to a rescue owner so he could live with some chinchilla friends!" During the pandemic, she enjoyed teaching her daughter how to bake and playing balloon volleyball. Sounds fun! She says her latest discovery is "potato tacos" and she wants everyone to try them! I personally have tried them, and I agree that they are delicious. Mrs. Feldman loves education and throughout her educational career she has been the following mascots before she became a Mountain Lion: Eagle (ES), Tiger (MS), Yellowjacket (HS), Wolverine (SBVC), Titan (CSUF), Triton (UCSD), and Trojan (USC). Looking back at college, she says her favorite classes were Elementary Mathematics, American Sign Language, Literacy in Elementary, and Anthropology. They sound very interesting! Mrs. Feldman wants all students to be successful and her advice is this: "Work hard to understand, not score high- the rest will fall into place." Thank you and welcome to Morris!
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Thank you to everyone who has started checking out books from the library already! This year to kick start the process of library book circulation we asked all classes to come to an orientation and all students to complete a library agreement and get it signed by their parent or guardian. Thank you to everyone who turned in their library agreement and thank you to the teachers who have kept track of the agreements. We are happy to report that the library has been immensely popular. We have already had over 1000 books checked out and returned. Great job everyone! However, for this school year, our very first patrons were Kayla Zazueta and Mary Ann Buwembo from Mrs. Ruiz's class. Their picture is to the left.

Below you will find pictures of the top books for the month (as expected it is a Babysitter's Club Graphic Novel), as well as top patrons (that's the name of a person who visits the library). It's very important to read every day. If you are listed as a top patron below, stop by the library for a reward!

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For the 2021-2022 school year, the library designed a reading challenge. Students are encouraged to complete as many squares as possible and return it to the library when completed. We already had one person complete the challenge! Jocelyn Torres was the speedy reader this year. Here is a link to the challenge. Please return your completed sheet to the library when you're ready. Congrats Jocelyn!


For the month of August, the library distributed a monthly reading tracker. For every day that you read, you color in the square for that date, and at the end of the month, you can bring the completed tracker to the library for a prize. These students completed the August reading tracker. Great job everyone!

Name (Teacher)

Ian Bernal (Castro)

Roxanna Ortega (Mendoza)

Yanet Estrada (Mendoza)

Bella Coronado (Vargas)
Abigail Lara (Vargas)
Israel Montoya (Vargas)

Zoe Esquivel (Worby)
Mackenzie Woods (Worby)
Jocelyn Torres (Mendoza)

Below are photos of the first three students to return the August monthly tracker!


Students! When you login with google to Clever, you will find ELECTRONIC BOOKS in two different areas. Under "library links" you can read ELECTRONIC BOOKS with the San Bernardino County Library (Overdrive for Kids), or with Destiny Discover. Both have amazing selections and collections. You can also find many awesome ELECTRONIC BOOKS using Scholastic Lit Pro, which can be found under "more apps." You can also access Footsteps to Brilliance via Clever in "more apps" as well. Below are examples of what the app icons look like. All of these apps scan be added to your Clever favorites by clicking the heart at the top right of the icon. Let Mr. Lara or your teacher know if you have any questions!
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We know how much students love Pete the Cat, so we have added many new Pete the Cat books to our library collection. And while supplies last, everyone who checks out a Pete the Cat book will get a Pete the Cat sticker. Pretty groovy! Stop by the library to see what else is new!


4th and 5th grade students interested in participating in the music program should have signed up by September 3rd at the link on the school website. We are so excited to hear about your progress and music education. Pictured here are the music faculty members who came to Morris to do an instrument demonstration. Go Mountain Lions!


The student art wall in the library is growing. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. We are seeking student art to display on the walls, including drawings of mountain lions. Please bring your drawings to the library for display.
To inspire you, here is a famous painting by the artist Vincent Van Gogh titled "Sunflowers."
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Q: What kind of band doesn't make music?

A: A rubber band

Q: Why was Cinderella thrown off the school's soccer team?

A: She ran away from the ball.

Q: Why did the pony stay home from school?

A: She was a little hoarse (horse).


"The Panther" by Ogden Nash

The panther is like a leopard,

Except it hasn't been peppered.
Should you behold a panther crouch,

Prepare to say Ouch.
Better yet, if called by a panther,

Don't anther.



6- International Literacy Day

9- California Statehood Day

15- Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff

17- Library of Congress National Book Festival kickoff

19-25- National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

20-26- National Box Tops for Education Week

26- Banned Books Week


Once again, our school is earning money using Box Tops for Education. After buying eligible products, a parent or guardian must upload the receipt to the Box Tops app. Our school code is 415115. For help with signing up/scanning receipts, see Mr. Lara in the library. September 20-26 is also National Box Tops Week, so there will be special bonuses we can get that week. See additional information at this link.
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Mt. Lion News is a monthly newsletter for students at Morris Elementary School. If you have any news you would like featured, please contact Andres Lara. Info below