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October 25, 2019

Parent Conferences – What to Expect!

The world of your children is full of exciting stages. The first six years are filled with daily “See what I can do now!” The second six are filled with “See what I know now!” The third six – “Don’t look at me now!” But no matter: if the first and second developmental planes have been rich with sensory and exploratory adventures, adult years will re-discover those “aha” moments through their own children or through the experiences of everyday life.

Conference week is the time we share school moments with you. But we will also want to listen to what you see as your child’s accomplishments, challenges, and questions. We, teachers, use the metaphor of a sandwich to help you know more about your child from the academic and social standpoint.

Of course, you will hear all the good things your child has achieved during his/her first nine weeks. For some of our little ones, it may be tremendous growth. First steps, first success in the potty, first real blending of sounds into words, first understanding of the concrete multiplication boards into “I know my multiplication tables!” The “aha” moments come rapidly. Those will be all the positive developmental and academic areas you will be told at parent conference.

The middle of the sandwich are the areas where your child may be experiencing challenges academically and socially. To understand that your child’s teacher sees these things as well and is helping him to grow through those struggles is a blessing. In a Montessori school, there is time to nurture the timid, foster independent thinking, or challenge behavior in more appropriate ways.

The last part of the conference is hearing the “big picture” of your child; the positive character strides, the passions that have begun to be apparent.

As a parent, come prepared to enjoy the accomplishments, appreciate the challenges, and celebrate the overall journey. These conferences are windows into a journey that your child is on -- independent from you -- and you think for the first time: this is a very special but separate and unique human “becoming.”

Dates to Remember

Oct. 28-Nov. 1 - Middle and High School conference week

November 4 - Upper School Open House in the morning

November 8 - All Programs Closed for professional development

November 15 - UE Family Visit Morning

November 26 - Thanksgiving Blessing at 10 a.m.

See here for the full, interactive calendar.

Halloween Safety

Please see the graphic below (click it or here for a larger PDF version) for some helpful Halloween safety tips.


Student Council is hosting a Ghost-a-Gram fundraiser for students in Middle and High School as well as campus-wide faculty and staff. Ghost-a-Gram order forms can be found in the front office, here, or by clicking the image below. Each Ghost-a-Gram costs $3 and includes a personalized message and a piece of Halloween candy.
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2019 Southeast Homeschool Volleyball Championship

The 2019 Southeast Homeschool Volleyball Championship was hosted at the Upward Star Center in Spartanburg on Saturday, October 19. Teams that include homeschool, private school, and public school students from Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas competed in multiple divisions, including middle school girls, JV girls, varsity girls, and varsity boys. There were 12 teams invited this year: Anderson Cavaliers, Greenville Hurricanes, Easley Guardians, Upstate Bearcats, Lowcountry Wildcats, Augusta Eagles, Asheville Trailblazers, and Winston-Salem Hawks to name a few.

Two MSA high school students participated as members of the Anderson Cavalier's teams. Alexis Merriman, an MSA senior, is an outside hitter. Lexi's team finished in second place overall in the varsity division. Mary Hill, an MSA freshman, is a libero. Mary's team won the JV championship after completing the regular season undefeated. Congratulations Mary and Lexi!

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Middle School Volleyball

One of our Middle School students went out to support her peers at their volleyball game this week.
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Spirit Week

Students and teachers have enjoyed a fun week of dressing up this week for Spirit Week! See more photos in this Spirit Week gallery! Thank you to all of the teachers who contributed photos this week! Look for photos of Primary Book Character Day, Lower Elementary Biography Day, and Fall Festival in next week's Montessori Matters.
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Tennis Academy

Two of our students attended the Smith Stearns Tennis Academy on Hilton Head Island over the break last week for tennis training. A few photos of them can be found below, and you can find more in this gallery.
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Reading in Lower Elementary

A parent dropped by Lower Elementary to read to the students this week. We love to have volunteers share their love of reading with our friends! Contact your child's teacher if you would like to stop by and read.
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Middle School Mentors

The Middle School students are each responsible for planning and leading a lesson for the Lower Elementary students as mentors this year as part of their community service. One student chose to teach a lesson on the five W's and one H (who, what, where, when, why, and how). These middle schoolers helped read to the students as part of the lesson.

Spanish Mentors

These High School students provided the Middle School students with some mentoring of their own with a supplemental Spanish lesson during community time this week.


Students in Mrs. Presgraves' Anatomy and Physiology lab used pregnant cow blood plasma to determine the hormone concentrations using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay as they study endocrinology.
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Pulsar Detection

Sofia Sheikh, an MSA High School alumnus who is in graduate school for astrophysics, had some of her research undergrads speak to Mrs. Presgraves' class about pulsar detection and how they can get involved in the work.

Story Jumper Group Books

Students in Upper Elementary Technology class are writing books using the website Story Jumper, and this week they worked on collaborative books in groups to practice working with others in a collaborative document while they hone their typing and graphical design skills.

Upper Elementary Meditation

Mrs. Holt led a lesson in meditation with the Upper Elementary students this week.
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Making Pierogi

On Thursdays, Upper Elementary students prepare a meal for the class. This week they made pierogi, filled dumplings of Central and Eastern European origin.

Meals on Wheels

These Upper Elementary students assisted in preparing meals for Meals on Wheels.

Goose Fly-By

Students and teachers in the Toddler classes are fortunate to get to see these geese fly over around the same time each morning. Miss Leslie was able to capture the fly-by this morning along with students and teachers taking it in in this great shot!
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3D Printed Ping Pong Parts

The Middle School received a generous donation of a ping pong table, and when they went to assemble it, they noticed a washer and a spacer were missing from the assembly components fresh out of the package. While the parts are shipping from the manufacturer, one of our Middle School students was able to accurately measure the existing parts, design a 3D model, and 3D print the missing parts!

Throwback Thursday

In the last issue of Montessori Matters, we posted Way Back Wednesday yearbook photos of Amber Lockhart. In this week's Throwback Thursday Facebook post we featured her sister, Brenna Leahey, one of our Primary Extended Day teachers! Brenna and Amber attended MSA in the early 2000's and have both come back to join our faculty, and we celebrate their being here!

Be sure to purchase a yearbook to preserve your child's MSA memories using this link or through the front office!

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National Prescription Drug Take Back Day and Shred Day

The fall 2019 National Prescription Drug Take Back Day and Shred Day event will be held Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at AnMed's North Campus. See the image below for more information.

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