All Around The Hoop

Suggested to be played by juniors and intermediate students

You will have a ball playing my low organization game


  • 6 basketballs
  • 6 basketball nets
  • bag of pinnies
  • 12 pylons
  • whistle

Safety Concerns

  • Keep your head up at all times so you don't get hit with any balls and there is no collisions
  • Wear proper gym attire and shoes


  1. First setup two cones about 4 feet away from each other at the foul line for all six nets.
  2. Then take out six basketballs one for each team.
  3. Next split the students into even teams.
  4. Lastly give each team a colour and a pinnie.


  1. First each team needs to line up in the order they are going to do the game in single file line.
  2. Then the first six people for each team line up in front of Mr.Koop's office in a line standing side by side.
  3. On the whistle those people race to the first net.
  4. Fourth you shoot from where the cones are lined up if you score you move to the next net if you miss you go to the back of the line repeat until you score.
  5. Next repeat step 5 for all six nets.
  6. It's a race for whoever finishes first.
  7. All the groups will go and all the winners will compete in a champion round the person who wins the champion round is the winner.
I hope you have fun playing this racing basketball game this game is working on your cardio and your basketball skills but the most important thing is to have fun.

Game Variations

A variation of this game is defender style so you can have a defender at each net to try stop the people from getting it in the net. You can also play bump style where the people can bump your ball away but it's not elimination when you score you move on if you miss you go to the back but your ball can be bumped.