Kelsey's Coaching Corner

November 2018

Family Literacy

November 1st is National Family Literacy Day. National Family Literacy Day started in 1994 as a way to promote family literacy engagement. You can encourage your students this month to get together as a family to read a story or visit the library. Middle and high school students can read with siblings or younger classes.

An easy way to encourage parents to read with their children is to provide resources. These "Adventure Packs" are free to download and come in both English and Spanish versions: In addition, you can promote positive family dinner conversations to develop vocabulary skills and oral story-telling. The Family Dinner Project provides free table topics and conversation starters that benefit children of all ages from 2 to 100!

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Upcoming Literacy Activities, Meetings and Events:

  • November 1- National Family Literacy Day/National Author's Day
  • November 2- CES MTSS mtg. @ 8:00
  • November 2- MES MTSS mtg. @ 11:25
  • November 12- Paraprofessional Literacy Support Training with Gayla Lohfink, SWKLiNK Reading Consultant- USD 476 @ 9:10-9:40, USD 371 @ 3:00-3:30, Paras will meet in board rooms at both buildings
  • November 13- USD 476 Maria Ortiz-Smith, SWKLiNK ELL Consultant visit
  • November 14- USD 476 Mindy Applegate, SWKLiNK Writing Consultant visit
  • November 16- CES MTSS mtg. @ 8:00
  • November 16- USD 371 Gayla Lohfink, SWKLiNK Reading Consultant visit
  • November 19- USD 371 Angela Lawrence, SWKLiNK Early Childhood/Community visit
  • November 20- USD 476 Angela Lawrence, SWKLiNK Early Childhood/Community visit
  • November 20- USD 476 Champion of IDEAS trial SGJH expires- Please let me know your thoughts on this program, so I know if we should pay for the program or send it back.
  • November 27- USD 371 Maria Ortiz-Smith, SWKLiNK ELL Consultant visit
  • November 28- FREE webinar Engaging Families in the Joining Process
  • November 30-CES MTSS mtg. @ 8:00
  • November 30- MES MTSS mtg. @ 11:25

Literacy Tech Tip

Wonderopolis created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) is a fun and educational website that can be used in the classroom or at home. Each day Wonderopolis posts a "wonder" for students, teachers and families to ponder. There are questions, videos, read-aloud text and family activities. Here's a link to the website and click on the informational video below.
Ready, Set, Wonderopolis!

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Kelsey Hedlund, Instructional Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist