Pamlico Sound

The largest sound in NC

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Location of the Pamlico Sound

Pamlico Sound, shallow body of water along the eastern shore of North Carolina, U.S. The largest sound on the East Coast, it is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by narrow barrier islands (the Outer Banks), of which Cape Hatteras is the south easternmost point. Pamlico Sound in North Carolina in the US is the largest lagoon along the North American East Coast, extending 129 km long and 24 to 48 km wide. The sound is fed by three different inlets, Oregon Inlet, Hatteras Inlet and Ocracoke Inlet

Importance of the Pamlico Sound

The Albemarle-Pamlico estuarine system is economically important to the region. Commercial fishing, tourism, recreation, and resort development are activities within the Sound that are economically important to the region. Ninety percent of the fish and shellfish caught by commercial fishermen rely on the estuary as a nursery habitat. The Sound also provides food, jobs and a mode of transportation for the people that live within the estuarine area.

Threats to the Pamlico Sound

There are many threats to the Pamlico Sound. Here are just a few: Excessive Nutrients, Toxic Materials, Erosion and Sedimentation, and Habitat Loss. All of theses threats are destroying the sound. Some of the animals that it hurts are Loggerhead sea turtles,harp seal, green sea turtle, bald eagle, and piping plover.