Weekly Updates

June 14, 2021

First Week Reminders

If you haven’t registered your swimmers yes please do so this week. We need you to sign up with the Y for payment. There is also additional additional paperwork to be filled out to be input into the team system.

Practice this week

  • We still have practices on all meet days in the AM. This means if you swim in the AM time slots you will have practice.
  • For those swimming in the afternoon will also have practice tomorrow, June 15th. You will NOT have practice on June 29th or July 13th.

Swim Team System

  • Shelley will be finishing getting everyone input into the system this week. Look for an email from Team Unify if you are new and follow instructions to log into our team website. Ask questions if you do not understand.


  • This was a mistake. There will be no meet on June 22.

Newton Meet

When: Tomorrow

Address: 1701 S. 8th Ave. E, Newton

Warm-ups: 4:55 - 5:20 Please arrive at the pool no later than 4:45. Check in with the coaches as soon as you get there

Coaches: Dee Norton – 641-751-5365; Kristi Hernandez- 641-351-8754

Swim Meet Sign-up

We encourage each swimmer to attend and participate each swim meet. However, it is not mandatory for them to do so. We do ask your cooperation in good communication between the coaching staff on whether you will be involved in swim meets. This includes:

  • declaring yes or no on the team website by the deadline.
  • emailing or calling if something has happened and you are no longer able to attend a swim meet or are running late.

Event Sign-up

  1. Go to www.bluewaveswimteam.com and sign in.
  2. Click on the events tab to find the meet.
  3. Once you have the meet click on the button that says edit commitment.
  4. Click on the swimmers name and select yes or no on the drop down.
  5. If you select yes, eligible events will pop up. Select 2 individual events for the summer.
  6. Click save changes

Coaches will select the relays based on the swimmers swimming the meet. Every attempt will be made to include all swimmers in the relays. Swimmers are allowed to swim in 2 relay events and 2 individual events.

Swim Meet Survival Guide

Pre-Meet Preparation

  • Nutrition: Eat properly before the swim meet. You should not be eating junk food or soda. Plan nutritional snacks for the meet.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate (before, during, and after).
  • Sleep: Get a good night sleep before each day of the meet.
  • Equipment: Have all equipment packed for the meet – usually a good idea to do this the night before. Make sure all equipment is in good condition/ working order. Bring extra caps and goggles.
  • Check the Blue Wave website and email for updated information, directions, schedule of events, etc prior to the meet.

Day of Meet

  • Arrive On Time.
  • Wear official Blue Wave clothing if available.
  • Wear/ bring team suit for races.
  • Check In With the Coach
  • Check the event list posted in the team area or with the coach. WRITE DOWN THE EVENT NUMBERS!
  • With that being said it is very important to know what heat, lane and stroke they are swimming before they come down.
  • Write that on their hand/arm/or leg Saturday morning before they come. There will not be any changes in lane assignments at this point. If a relay or individual drops that lane will just be empty. (See the picture below on how to write on your swimmer)
  • Order of the Medley Relay: Back Breast Fly Free………Program reads left to right then 2nd row left to right
  • 100 IM Order: Fly, Back Breast, Free
  • Warm-ups! It is very important to do a proper meet warm-up. Don’t cut corners here!
  • Listen to coaches for warm-up instructions.
  • Locate proper lane for team.
  • Swimmers will do one or two starts. If swimming backstroke, do a backstroke start especially if at an away meet.
  • Backstrokers should also get a stroke count from the flags to the wall at race pace.

At the Meet

  • Swimmers should stay in the team area at the meet.
  • Conserve energy. Don’t use up energy playing around at the meet. Save it for the race.
  • Eat properly and hydrate.
  • Cheer for teammates.

Clerk of Course

  • The clerk of course will have a board with event numbers to organize swimmers for each event.
  • Swimmers need to report to this area when his/her event number is shown.
  • Officials will organize and monitor swimmers.
  • Each swimmer is responsible for getting to the “Clerk of Course” for each event. Listen/ watch carefully so as to NOT MISS A RACE.
  • Display sportsmanship
  • Stay until meet’s end in support of teammates.
  • Respect officials and opponents.
  • Congratulate teammates after their events.
  • Swimmers are to accept without question the decision of meet officials; any protest must originate from the coach.
  • Notify coaching staff immediately if sick or unable to compete.
  • Clean up all team areas before leaving.


A disqualification means the swimmer is not eligible for medal/ ribbon placement and the time will not be valid. Swimmers may be disqualified “DQ’ed” from a race for a number of reasons. During a race, this includes improper stroke technique, false start, improper turns, or other rule infractions. The coaching staff will notify the swimmer immediately if an official reported a DQ on the swimmer during an event. Swimmers may also be DQ’ed for unacceptable conduct during the meet relating to behavior, attitude, or facility/ meet rule infringement.

What to Bring

  • All swimmers are responsible to bring their own gear for a swim meet. See the following list for needed and recommended items to bring:
  • Mom and Dad/Family
  • swim cap
  • competition swim suit
  • goggles
  • extra equipment for “just in case”
  • games
  • food and drink (water)
  • plenty of dry, warm clothes
  • hat (sock hat for warmth)
  • team t-shirt/ clothes
  • books/magazines
  • cards
  • money for concessions
  • heavy socks, deck shoes or sandals
  • showering items
  • sleeping bag or blankets
  • 2-3 towels
  • Music/ mp3 player
  • Items should be marked with name/ team. Don’t bring jewelry or valuables.


Parents are responsible for driving the swimmer to and from meets. Carpooling is encouraged, but not facilitated by the Community Y. A swim team roster with names and phone numbers is available from the coach or Aquatic Program Director. Coaches are not permitted to be involved in transportation due to Community Y insurance limitations. Directions and maps are available for your convenience on the website.

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About Us

The Blue Wave Swim Team is a competitive swimming league offered by the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA for training, instruction, and competition for young people.

Aquatics Director/Head Coach: Shelley Lechnir

Summer Coaches: Angie Nelson, Emily Vest, Isaac Fredrick, Leah Barkema, Heather Pals, Dee Norton, Erin Stanley, Klaudia Hernandez, Kristi Souksaengmany