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Friday, May 7th, 2021

Principal's Update

Hello Hound Families,

It's hard to believe we are closing on the end of the school year. At this time of year, we are well into planning and preparing for the 2021-22 school year. Knowing how many students we will have enrolled is the biggest factor as we begin to place students and balance classes. If you or anyone you know is making a change for the upcoming school year, it is extremely helpful if you notify the district or the school. There was a survey sent by Dr. Outlaw to learn of your preference for next year. If you did not complete the survey, or change your decision at any time between now and the next school year, please reach out to let us know.

Kindergarten registration for in boundary and school of choice families is open through the summer. Enrolling students at the kindergarten level as early as possible is very helpful for our planning purposes.

M-Step Testing

Our third grade students wrapped up their M-Step testing this week. They put in great effort and showed their Hound Dog Pride throughout the testing process. Our 4th graders start on Monday with Reading, and begin Math testing on Thursday. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast and get a good night's sleep.

Have a great weekend,

Jeff Eisele

Hilton Principal

The McKinney Vento Act

The Brighton Area Schools is part of a consortium to serve students in temporary living situations that provides financial support for educational needs, referral for housing, clothing and other needs, general support and technical assistance. To ensure compliance with federal law, all school staff must help identify student living in the following situations: emergency shelters/transitional housing, motels/hotels, car, parks or public spaces, shared housing due to a loss of housing or economic hardship, or living temporarily with non-parent or guardian.

The district’s homeless liaison is Starr Acromite and each building has trained staff members to assist in the endeavor. Our consortium contact at the Livingston Educational Service Agency is Candice Uyttendaele.

Please contact your building principal or Starr Acromite at 810-299-4040 for information/assistance.


5/13 - MOD Pizza Night Fundraiser

5/31 - No School - Memorial Day

6/2 - Wednesday - In person learning (No Virtual Day due to Memorial Day)

6/9 - Wednesday - In person learning (No Virtual Day due to 1/2 day on the last day of school)

6/9 - Retirement Parade for Ms. Barclay, Beaupre, Gluth, Michaels and Mr. Eisele - 7 PM (see below)

6/10 - Field Day

6/11 - Half Day - Last Day of School

Hilton PTO May Newsletter Link


Hilton Family,

We would love to have your family join us on June 9 at 7:00 pm as we celebrate the careers of Ms. Barclay, Ms. Beaupre, Mrs. Gluth, Mrs. Michaels, and Mr. Eisele.

Below is a link to event details.

Please Note: Information is included over three scrolls or taps of your screen.


We hope to see you there!

Mary Beane



Some of our parents send emails, notes or texts to the teachers (which is great), but those messages sometimes don't reach the office. Please call the 24 Hour Attendance Line at 810-299-3954 to report an absence or tardy.

Our attendance secretary, Mrs. Campeau, records all the attendance on the computer after listening to the voicemail messages. This is your child's official attendance record, so it is extremely important that you follow this procedure. Thank you!

Note from the school Nurse - TICKS

It is that time of the year when kids are outside a lot more and so are ticks! Please be sure to check your children thoroughly for ticks on their clothing and skin after playing outdoors. Common places for ticks to nestle include: under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, back of the knees, in and around hair, between the legs and around the waist. If a tick is found, remove it as soon as possible. For detailed information about tick removal, see www.cdc.gov/ticks/removing_a_tick.html. If your child develops a rash or a fever within several weeks of being bit by a tick, seek medical attention.

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Counseling Corner

Well, we made it to the final stretch of the year! The last month, when the sun is shining and energy is high! And after so many months of hurdles and challenges, it is time to celebrate all that we accomplished and overcame during this school year. From masks and cohort bubbles to virtual lessons and synchronous learning, we have done it all in a year like no other. The Elementary Counselors would like to take time this month to celebrate our students and highlight their amazing strengths with a Social-Emotional lesson centered around self-concept. We plan to take time with classrooms to reflect on what we CAN DO, what we DO WELL, and what makes us UNIQUE. We want to end this year on a positive note and recognize how truly resilient our students are, and we hope that you take some time at home to do this as well.

Thank you for the amazing support from our staff and parents as we worked to connect with and support all of our students this year. We are already working towards our plans for next school year and look forward to expanding our avenues of support.

Lets Connect: If you are noticing some behaviors that are interfering with your child’s success in the classroom, please feel free to complete my parent referral form and we can work together to determine if supports are needed at school.

More Resources: The Elementary Counseling Team also has the BAS Elementary Counseling website for ideas and resources to be used at home!

Mrs. Fox

Hilton & Hawkins Elementary


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