Aline adame

Setting Goals

Academic Goal: My Academic Goal is to get all A's

Athletic Goal: My Athletic Goal is to get into the basketball

Personal Goal: My Personal Goal is to get to college


Teachers/Coaches: My teacher that I can depend on is Mis.Stankavich

Relatives: Family,cousins

Friends: Marlen,Princess,Kimberly,Danna

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: Takes me time to learn and think

Family Obstacles: Sister,Niece

School Obstacles: Not asking questions,Grades,GPA

Financial Obstacles: Having to pay to college

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: Positive

Education/Training Plan: Ready for class everyday

Plan For Acquiring Needed Skills: I will keep going forward and looking for the best

Plan For Study And Practice: Study everyday for every class