The Incredible Journey

By Sheila Burnford

The Main Characters-

Cat: Tao Old Dog: Bodger Young Dog: Luath

Quotes From the Book-

“At all costs he was going home, home to his own beloved master.” “He must take them with him, all the way.”


Two dogs and a cat set on an adventure across Canada to find their true masters. They leave the comfortable home of their caretaker, only to run into many dangers such as bears, porcupines, hunger, thirst and many more. The leader takes them through the rugged terrain following only his instincts. The trio has been together for a long time, they care for each other and fight to protect their family. They meet many nice people who feed them and care for them, but can they survive the whole way? They face death at every turn, will their love for their owners be enough to bring them home safely? (Lexile:



The Incredible Journey was a very suspenseful book, the author would switch to the humans at times when you wanted to continue reading about the animals, in turn making it very exciting. You never knew what was going to happen, what adventure would threaten the animals lives yet again. Throughout the book the animals are making their ties with each other stronger, and showing their love for one another. They help each other in unbelievable ways, and somehow always find ways of staying together.