Tech Tuesday

November 18, 2014

MMS Edmodo Expectations

Three Things We all need to be using the same way

  • Planner
  • Notes
  • Assignments

Before we review those 3 things, it will help to know:

Parent Accounts

They CANnot see (unless you add the parent group)

  • Notes (this one is usually important for you to add a Parent group)
  • Polls
  • Quizzes

Automatically, they Can See

  • Assignments
  • Alerts
  • Planner Events
  • Grades from an assignment or quiz
  • Direct Messages send to their student

Edmodo Planner

Every teacher is expected to post what is going on in your class in the Edmodo planner. When the Edmodo Planner is being used by every teacher in the school, a parent or a student can look at their planner and see due dates, test dates, etc at a glance for every class that they have. Here is an example:
Big image

Planner Reminders

  • Students can only view their Edmodo planner on the web version of Edmodo
  • 2 things can make this faster:
  • Edmodo webpage shortcut: Sharrow>Bookmark or webclip
  • iPad Shortcut: Settings>General>Keyboard
  • Check to be sure you and your students are in the same time zone (settings)
  • When adding to the planner, do not use the ALL GROUPS feature, it will not show up

Edmodo Notes

  • An Edmodo note is a good way to get a copy of something to a student that you are planing to collect by paper or is a way to get information to a student.
  • If there is a due date associated with what you are posting, put it in the planner.
  • Good practice: Attach PDFs of documents if the student is only needing to view it. This way the formatting does not get messed up on the iPad.

Edmodo Assignments

  • Edmodo assignments should only be used for things collected through Edmodo.
  • If you create an assignment here that is not collected here, then it appears late for the student and the parent
  • If you are just trying to notify the student of something, use the planner and/or note feature.
  • If you give the students a choice on whether you accept electronic or paper version, have them turn in an electronic message saying that they are turning in a paper version so that it doesn't appear late to the parent.

Edmodo Folders

  • Sometimes things you attach in Edmodo can get lost in the posts
  • You can create folders to share with your students to help with organization