Greenhouse Effect

By: Neil Palkar and Arpad Voros

Greenhouse Gases: What do they do?

Greenhouse gases act as a roof on Earth, so they trap heat inside of the Earth's atmosphere.

What are some Greenhouse Gases?

Some Greenhouse gases include the following:

1. Water Vapor-

The gas phase of water. (H20)

2. Carbon Dioxide-

The natural occurring trace gas. (CO2)

3. Ozone-

An inorganic compound that is formed dioxygen by the action of ultra violet light and also atmosphere electrical discharges. (O3)

Pros and Cons about Greenhouse Gases


  • Greenhouse effect has maintained the temperatures within a manageable limit helping the planet sustain life.

  • The Greenhouse effect has helped maintain the water balance in all spheres of the planet.


  • The high temperatures that the greenhouse effect makes causes people to suffer from elevated body temperature. Example: heat exhaustion

  • According EPA, vegetation that thrive because of greenhouse gases can cause allergic reactions in people.

What would happen is carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere changes?


Earth will be too hot for humans to live on.


Earth would get colder and would be 7 degrees (Fahrenheit) lower than what you are used to.

What would happen is ozone levels in the atmosphere changes?


The ozone would block so much UV radiation, that you would get a lack of Vitamin D.


The UV radiation from the Sun would be let in from the lack of ozone and would harm your skin. Life could only continue in the ocean. Unless we adapt

What would happen is oxygen levels in the atmosphere changes?


Things can spontaneously burst into flame because of the high concentration of oxygen.


Humans would not be able to live off of the oxygen left in the atmosphere if it decreases drastically.

Global Warming: What is it?

Global warming is the heating of the earth. Global warming is not caused by humans, but it is caused by greenhouse gases. Studies show at EPA that it is not caused by humans. It is caused by the constant changes of the Earths gases in the atmosphere in things called climate cycles. Humans are contributing to the heating, but barely.

Species Endangered by Global Climate Changes

The arctic fox is very affected by global warming. It lives on the North Pole, and there has been a drastic fall in temperatures there. They are losing land, prey, and many other necessities.