The first person to propose the "atom"

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The atom

The word atom came from the word atomos which means invisible.

His Ideas

1.All matter consists of invisible particles called atoms- composed all matter as tiny, solid spheres in various stages of motion

2. Atoms are indestructible- Atoms of an element cannot be created, destroyed, divided into smaller pieces, or transformed into atoms of another element.

3. Atoms are solid but invisible- the atom was a solid but could not be seen by the eye

4. Atoms are homogenous- no internal structure

5. Atoms differ in size, shape, mass, position, and arrangement-

->Solids are made of small, pointy atoms.

->Liquids are made of large, round atoms.

->Oils are made of very fine, small atoms that can easily slip past each other.

His Model

Democritus' model didn't have any protons, neutron, or electrons because he didn't think there were any.
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