3-School Newsletter

Cooper Landing, Hope, and Moose Pass Schools

April 25, 2022

A Note From Our Nurse


Retiring from school nursing is definitely a bittersweet moment in my life. I started this job in 2009 and here it is already 2022. I’ve seen many children from birth to graduation in my five schools of Seward MS, Seward HS, Moose Pass, Cooper Landing and Hope. The staff, students and parents have left an indelible mark in my career as their school nurse for so many years. The laughter outweigh the tears that have been rare. Those rare tears were for the loss of students who battled their failing health since birth. The many memories of laughter are mine and are too many to recount. Truth be told, I am rather possessive of my schools and I hope nothing but the best for them in the future. Thank you for letting me be part of these school communities. I will miss you all.

Nurse Yoly

Moose Pass School: Dates to Mark on Your Calendar

Thursday 4-28 - Talent Show 6pm

Tuesday 5-3 - Tentative date change for: Site Based Council Meeting @ 3:45 Zoom Room # 306-939-5959

Monday 5-9 to Friday 5-13 - Hiking Days

Wednesday 5-11 - Salmon Celebration in Kasilof (see attached flyer at end of newsletter)

Thursday 5-19 - Last Day of School Barbecue

Moose Pass School's Fundraiser is up and running!! Here is the link: https://www.bonfire.com/store/moose-pass-school/

Feel free to share with friends and family!

You can register your student for the 2022-2023 School Year right now!

Follow this link: https://kpbsd.org/students-parents/student-registration/

Cooper Landing School Updates

Part-Time Custodian Needed - Cooper Landing School is in need of a part-time (4-hours per day) custodian. Please log into the KPBSD website if you are interested and look for Job ID #8523. You can also contact Tommy Gossard at 907-595-1244 or stop by the school.

PAC Meeting - The final PAC meeting will be held on May 5 at 3:30. An email was sent to parents last week asking if you would like to attend in-person because our new Administrator would like to meet Cooper Landing families. Please respond to the email if you haven't already.

Last Day of School - May 18 is the last day of school.

Registration - Registration is now done completely online through the KPBSD website. Follow the link below for information and to register your child in school.


Please call or email Donna Tucker at the school with any questions or if you need assistance. She will be available for in-person help August 9-13 from 10:00 to 12:00.

Phone: 907-595-1244

Email: dtucker@kpbsd.k12.ak.us

Hope School Happenings

It is confirmed the last day of school will be a happy festive day for students. PTO is sponsoring a great field day with food and drink. Everyone has worked very hard this year and it is a well earned celebration. The carwash will happen at the school. The Hope PTO will have confirmation of date May 13th and time at the last meeting on May 3rd. Please attend the May 3rd PTO in-person meeting at the school at 3:45 PM for details as well as an opportunity to meet and greet your newly assigned Principal for the upcoming 2022-2023 Hope school year and one of your newly signed Hope School teacher. Wow! Lots of change and wonderful optimism for the future!

You may register your students online for our 2022-2023 School year on our KPBSD site https://kpbsd.org/students-parents/student-registration/. Additionally, you may come to school on August 11, 2022 between 12:00PM to 4:00 PM or August 12, 2022 between 9:00AM to 1:00PM.

Volunteers and Substitute Teachers: Hope School is always happy to have substitute teachers and volunteers. Opportunity is available for both positions currently. Please consider one or both positions and visit our website for more information https://www.applitrak.com/kpbsd/onlineapp/default.aspx.

Important Dates:

May 3rd: PTO Meeting @ 3:45 PM-WELCOMING OUR 2022-2023 PRINCIPAL

May 13th: PTO car wash. Time to be firmed up at PTO meeting May 3rd.

May 18th: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS, Please be sure to turn in all school books or equipment.

May 18th: Field day/Picnic at the school time beginning at noon.

COVID POLICY: Covid information available on district web site https://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/content.aspx?id=42180

Hope School Staff