Changing Careers

Example: Changing from a police officer to Computer engineer

Considering a Change: Exploring your options

Think of other jobs you are interested in. Compare and contrast the things you like about each, and then make your decision on wether to switch your career or not.

Example: If you wanted to be a police officer all your but you also loved computers, you have a decision to make. What are your favorite parts of each? Which one do you relate to most? Strongly think about these things.

Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Create your next steps. What will you do next? Maybe, you should give your current employer a notice to tell them that you will be leaving. Tell your co-workers but don't tell your co workers before you tell your boss. THAT COULD LEAD TO SOME BIG ISSUES! So tell your employer first and go from there.

Example: I am wanting to switch my job from being a police officer to being a computer engineer. I must give my current employer a notice before I leave my job. I will NOT tell my co-workers first.

Making the Change: Burning No Bridges

When you finally make the change from your current job to your new job do not forget anything from your old job. You need to get everything if you don't you will have to go back and get it and then it will be awkward.

Example: I left my favorite pen at my old workplace. I went to go retrieve it and I made awkward eye contact with my my old boss

Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experience

Starting at your new job can nerve-racking but you will be fine. As long as you show what you know and don't show how nervous you are you will be fine. show your experience let the other workers there know how good you are and don't let them think anything else.

Example: On my first day at my new job I let the other people know how experienced I am and how well I know my stuff. No body is as good as me and I know that.

So be confident and remember to know let them know how good you are and you will be fine. Good luck at your new job.