Drama Elements

By Tyler Whitley -2

The Elements of Drama

There are lots of elements in drama. Drama is a story acted out on stage fo a live audience. The word drama comes from a greek word called dran, it means to do. Plays were written around the fifth century b.c.. There are different parts in the play, The beggining is the exposition, then the complications, climax then last is the resolution.

one tyoe of drama is a tradegy. a tradegy is when the play ends with a sad ending.

There are comedies that are plays that end happily. The main character could be anybody. Stages can be any size , they can be big, or small, or even circled shaped.

In The Round, is a famous stage that is circled shaped and people can sit all around the play. The stages in Shakespears time were Thrust Stages. The costumes can be detailed , or minimal. Props are the items that the actor carrys on stages and uses. Finally , the play needs the audeince to understand the story.