Cool? Identity, Drugs & Fitting In

By:Stewart & Smith

What does it mean to be 'cool'?

1: what does it mean to be cool? It means to me to be self confident and able to act out who you are and not be fake and just be you around the people that's your friends But for other its to show of what you can do and act fake were certain cloth to make you look different change your personality and just act different to other.
From the story: To be cool u have to be a dog and have to follow under the people who is cool you don’t get to talk back you don’t get to have an opinion you a pack wild wolves who flock to a deer when the alpha wolf tell u to. You are really a follower in the story you to scared to have you on opinion ur life is under control by the mighty and you're the week.

Is it important to be cool

2: I think that it is not that important to be cool because if you really think that it is important to be cool then the people that think that mostly care for her or himself and they care for who they hang around with.
From the story Val did not care to be cool because she did not change the way she acted at school when people judge her and talked about her all the time.

What does it mean to fit in and be cool.

3:What does it means to fit in? It means to fit in is like how you either feel i guess it like if you wanna fit into the athletes crowd you got to become a basketball player. If you wanna fit into the popular crowd you go to know the right people you can’t just walk into the popular crowd and think you could just fit in and be normal no your not it either you start of popular or you have a friend that is kinda cool and squeeze you into the cool crowd but only that either our your not going to be in there that final.
From the story Jeremy was trying to apress Nick by smoking and playing instruments with nick. Marie, and David were trying to make a group that talked about val

5: It means that you would be able to communicate and do things that you wanted be able to do with a normal friend that you barely talk to. And you would be able to get alone with that person that has the same outlooks and do the same thing you do because you guys have a lot in common and probably each other.
From the story, Nick has always been trying to tell someone that is close to him that he was going to bring a gun to school and that he was going to shoot the people in the school that he hate.