John Cena

"Hustle, Loyalty, Respect"


  • Born: John Felix Anthony Cena
  • April 23, 1977
  • West Newbury, Massachusetts
  • Actor, Bodybuilder, Professional Wrestler, and Rapper
  • Movies: The Marine, 12 Rounds, Legendary, The Reunion, Fred Movies, and WWE Home Videos
  • Total matches (estimate): Wins: 453, Draw: 47, Loss: 176

Coming of Age

As a child, John Cena always watched WWF (now WWE). It was actually the only reason his father, John Cena Sr. bought a television set. When John was a teenager, he really wanted to become a WWE Superstar so he went to the gym often. When he was 15, he went to the gym daily. He finally moved out to California to be a body builder. He only had $500 to live off of. He made little money by washing toilets and folding towels. Since he didn't have enough money to buy a apartment so he had to live in his car. He eventually went to college at Springfield University in Springfield, Massachusetts. He then went on to WWE and debuted in 2001. His first match was against Kurt Angle


He then went on to WWE and debuted in 2001. His first match was against Kurt Angle. He lost but the WWE Universe knew there would be a new era. He won the United States Championship in 2004. He was stripped of it when he accidentally knocked over general manager Kurt Angle. He won it again by beating Booker T and then lost it again. He was out of business due to an injury and when he came back, he won the title. He then lost it after 105 days. John Cena has the 4th longest combined title reign of 1,191 days. He is behind Bob Backlund with 2,138 days, Hulk Hogan with 2,185 days and Bruno Sammartino with an enormous 4,040 days


John Cena's never gave up the idea of becoming a WWE Superstar. Since he worked out so often as a child, he is one of the strongest Superstar. His family supported him on his journey to the WWE

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