The city that I picked is Portland, Oregon. It is located Northwest of Louisville, Kentucky. I know this because I looked it up on a map and looked at the compass on the map to figure out where it was located.

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The region that Portland,Oregon is in is the pacific northwest on the very end really close to the Pacific ocean.

The main ways of transportation in Portland ,Oregon is the same as every state. That way is atomobiles, Another way of getting around their is cycling. They do that a lot in Portland because they dont like to pollute the air a lot in Portland,Oregon.

If Mr. Murphy drove his car to Portland,Oregon it would cost $317.18. I figured this out by multiplying $3.57 by 15 gallons and I got $53.55. The next step I did was that I multiplied 15 gallons of gas by 26 miles per gallon and I got 390. The third step I did was dividing 2,310 miles from Portland to Louisville by 390. I used a calculator to solve it and I got 5.92 tanks of gasoline. The very last step I did was that I multiplied 5.92 tanks of gasoline by $53.55 and thats how I got $317.18.

The most cost efficient way to get to louisville to Portland is by bus. I looked on the greyhound bus website and it only cost $210.99. But it would take 2 days and 11 hours and 10 minutes to get to Portland. The other ways of transportation I reviewed were planes, and trains. I looked on orbitz.com and a plane ticket from louisville to Portland would cost $506 and also take 10 hours and 20 minutes. I also looked on Amtrak.website and a ticket from Louisville to Portland would cost $283.50 and take 2 in a half days to Portland.

orbitz.com greyhound. website Amtrak.website

Some physical features of Portland are that there are mountains and Portland, Oregon has one of the biggest mountains in the world. Another physical feature is the Pacific Ocean which is on the coast line of Portland. Other physical features are the rivers and streams that flow and dump into the ocean.

Some human characteristics in Portland our livelihood. An example of the top 5 jobs in Portland are nurses, teachers, computer software engineers, sales representatives, and accountants. Portland is known for its land use because they have of a great light rail system to transport commuters. Portland is also known for its green buildings.

I used the City of Portland website and Wikipedia to gather these facts.

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