The Atmosphere

The Clouds and tempature

What is high pressure?

High pressure means that the atmosphere condition is above average.

Vertical Clouds

Vertical clouds are really active in vertical movement and it reaches to 15Km. There are three types of these:

* Cumulus




Fog is a little cloud of water drops, found near earths surface, and makes visibility really hard.

High Clouds

Are clouds reach frezzing witch 6km and Upwards more. Has not a lot of H2O vapor with low temptures. They might look like compressed ice that is white. These clouds are called:




MIddle Clouds

These clouds are made up from H2O. They are called:

* Altocumulus - Settled weather

* Alt status - changing weather

Found 2-6Km

Low clouds

Low cloudes are called stratus and cumbus witch develop vertically.

These are also known as storm clouds.

Have low bases getting to 15km in action.