The Place For Me

CPT: Grade 9 Academic Science

Part 1: Research

a.) 1. I could use a "green" environment around my home by planting many trees across the landscape to produce fresh, breathable air around the area. I would also include many beautiful flowers good for the surrounding ecosystems, animals and just to amuse the eye. Houses and their environment need to have life and color too!

2. I would plant many native trees to Canada, familiar to the temperature deciduous forest biome (located in Ontario) such as pine trees, and ever greens. Also, shrubs and fruit trees such as apple, orange, peach, cherry and pear trees that benefit both the environment (produce oxygen) and food for my family. I would plant crops such as carrots, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and different types of berries. I wouldn't use any pesticides because I think you need to appreciate the wildlife around us. I would rather stick to organic fertilizers to use in my garden because nothing will be artificial and it wouldn't harm any organisms. I also believe that anything natural is best when it comes to caring for the environment and nature.

3. I would use an electric car as my mode of transportation to park in my driveway because it is a greener alternative than to rather choose gas powered cars that pollute the air. Or bikes, that may not pollute the air or use electricity but isn't as efficient as cars are for a daily use. Also, electric cars aren't that expensive as regular cars, but they are very fuel efficient and have a high level of ease of use. Not to mention, you don't have to waste money for gas. Yay!

4. I would use recycling, garbage, and compost bins as types of waste managements to include in my home design.

5. My family would sponsor the sea otter and the spotted owl at my local zoo because they are at the point of extinction and I care for wildlife and nature. Therefore, everything is important to everything else.

b.) Atoms, Elements and Compounds

  • 1. Ammonia (from window and glass cleaners)
  • Phosphate (from dish washing detergents)
  • Enzymes (from laundry detergents)

2. I chose the chemical phosphate. It is made up of the elements phosphorus (P) + oxygen (O).

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3. The chemical phosphate is located between group 15 and 16 and in periods 2 and 3, since this chemical is made up of 2 different types of elements.

4. It is a non-metal.

c.) The Characteristics Of Electricity

1. I would use wind turbines as an electrical energy source for my home. My choice of energy is quite sustainable for future generations because the cost is free which means anyone could use it! It also doesn't produce any air/water pollution, it minimizes losses in electricity, and is located almost anywhere. But the sad thing is that wind turbines are difficult to generate a supply of electricity.
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Physical Structures/ Appliances/ Light Bulbs

2. The types of physical structures that would make my house more energy efficient would be blown-in insulation because it can greatly improve your comfort and save enough energy, to be very cost-effective. Since effective insulation would slow the rate that heat flows out of the house in winter and into the house in summer, so less energy is required to heat or cool the house. Another physical structure would be to upgrade or replace windows to weatherstripping and storm windows because according to, replacing windows will save 7 to 24 percent of your heat and air-conditioning bills. It is almost never cost-effective to replace windows just to save energy.

3. I would choose a refrigerator, oven, washing machine and dish washer as my main appliances in my home because these particular appliances are used daily and are very useful because we use them for many reasons such as cooking, and cleaning for our everyday life. It is important for appliances to be a part of EnerGuide or Energy Star because you want these appliances to be energy efficient, useful and to last as long as possible to be used for your whole family.

4. I would include LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs in my home design because it is long-lasting and extremely energy efficient, but is quite pricey. But if I were to choose a cheaper alternative, I would choose incandescent light bulbs because they are usually the least expensive and last usually between 700 to 1000 hours and can be dimmed. Although, it is not as energy efficient as other options.

d.) The Study of the Universe

1. Two different types of technology that has been researched due to space exploration is a satellite and a telescope. Both of these technologies were invented by space exploration and scientists' curiosities of how we would better understand to read and indicate signals, and communications from out of Earth. Also, how to know what's coming ahead (weather, forecasts) and to get a better image of the stars, moon and planets (telescope and/or satellite) and to even find out the unknown we haven't yet discovered. By finding out answers, astronauts got launched into space by rockets and travelled to the moon. There, they compared how different life was (eg. no gravity) and reported back to the scientists about their findings. Since today, they continue to discover, invent and develop new things to ease our curiosities about the outside world.

Part 2: Home Design

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So this is what makes this home, the place for me.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my view of what a sustainable, green, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient house would be like through this poster. I hope you enjoy your day!