The Three Colonies

The New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

New England

After being on the Mayflower for about six months, we stepped on land in the freezing cold weather which we call home. All around us there are mountains, fishing industries, and harbors. Life here is great but sometimes we have to go through hot summers and harsh winters. The summer gets pretty hot from about 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter it is awfully cold with heavy snow. We have a big supply of water, fish, furs, and lumbar that keep us alive. Even though we do not have the best soil in the world, we still get wheat, beans, corn, potatoes, and fruits. Most of our jobs around here are sailors, traders, dockworkers and many more. We get most of our food from the ground, and the ocean. Us Puritans make ships, lamp oil, candles, and perfume. There are many settlements around here like Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

The Middle Colonies

In the Middle Colony, the weather is great. It is not as cold as New England, and not as hot in the Southern Colony. Everywhere you look in the land of Pennsylvania and New York, you will see mountains. In the land of the New Jersey and Delaware, the land is flat. Here in the Middle colony there are waterfalls, harbors and deep rivers for ships to get in and out of. We have a great supply of water and wheat. Here we have many beliefs and religions. Our soil is great for farming. We plant such things like wheat, barley, rye, corn, and fruits. All jobs in the Middle Colony are important. Farming gets us food. Traders trade things so we can get more supplies. Lumbar jacks chop down trees so we can have homes.

The Southern Colonies

It feels very nice to be off the ship and to see the world around us. The Atlantic Ocean is great for getting ships in and out of here. The tides make good soft soil. In the summer it gets very hot, but makes it possible for farming crops. Tobacco and rice is one of our most important cash crops. Our slaves help us with our farming. From our rich soil we get rice, tobacco, indigo, wheat, and cotton. In Virginia and Maryland you would see mountains high and low. Around Georgia the land form is flat and there are some rivers. Farmers, Shoe makers, Carpenters, and Printers. Are one of our many jobs in the Southern Colony

Jamestown VS. Pilgrims at Plymouth

Both Jamestown and Plymouth had settled in to the united states so they could start a colony that earned money. They also wanted to have religious freedom. Jamestown and Plymouth came together with the Native Americans and made a colony.

In 1607 Jamestown had settled in a place called Virginia. Then thirteen years later Plymouth had settled in Cape cod, Massachusetts. In Jamestown the water was not good to drink form and the misquotes would attack by nearby swamps. Many other settlers had died from diseases carried by the insects. Not only did the colonists die from diseases but, the Powhatan tribe would make several attacks on the colonists. The first winter at Plymouth was dreadful. The Pilgrims suffered from hunger, cold, diseases. Half of them died. The summer was warmer and had brought several visitors. The Native Americans helped the pilgrims get through the winter and throughout every single day from then on.