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7th December 2018

We thank you Lord, for this year,

for the challenges, the successes and the mistakes from which we have learnt.

God, be with us as we spend our time with family and friends.

Give us strength and courage to do what is right and to be witnesses of our faith.

Help us to be a practical these holidays, to appreciate what others do for us, to give time and effort to help others and to be peacemakers in our families.

Keep us safe in our activities and give us rejuvenating rest and enjoyable holiday fun and bring us back refreshed and ready for a new year.

We thank you for our classmates, teachers, parents and a community that cares for us.

May we always be conscious of You in our lives.



Friday 7 December – Reports to be sent home & last day for students

Thursday 13 December – Last day for staff

Tuesday 29 January – Admin staff return to school

Thursday 31 January & Friday 1 February – Staff Professional Learning

Monday 4 February – Students return for 2019

Tuesday 5 February – Parent/Teacher Information Evening – 6.30pm

Friday 8 February – Opening School Mass

Monday 11 – Friday 15 February – Year 6 School Camp

Friday 15 February – P&F Sundowner

2019 TERM PLANNER is available to view on our website. Please remember this is subject to additions and deletions throughout the year.


Dear St. Thomas' Community,

I cannot believe this is the last newsletter for 2019. As we come to the end of the school year and reflect on a year that has been rewarding in many ways, it is important to also acknowledge that for some people the year has presented personal and family challenges. For these families, may you experience the many blessings of Jesus through the human interactions and relationships encountered with others and community support.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank several people:

Fr. Wayne whose joyful presence enriches the school community.

Nicky Sullivan and Ryan von Bergheim who have carried out their leadership responsibilities with professionalism and amazing energy, whilst being committed classroom teachers.

I believe that the quality of our education system cannot exceed the quality of our teachers, administrative and support staff. Therefore, I extend heartfelt thanks to all staff at our school for providing the highest quality care and catholic education for our students. We wish farewell to Mr. von Bergheim, Mr. Peter O'Mara, Mrs. Rebecca Newman and Mrs Suzanne Richardson who will all be concluding their time at St. Thomas' in 2018. I spoke about each of these staff members at the End-of-Year Concert and thanked them sincerely for their contribution, however I did fail to thank Mrs. Nolan for her assistance this year, stepping in as Teaching Assistant in our Pre-Kindy class, whilst Mrs. Richardson was away. Thank you Nicole we certainly have appreciated you efforts.

Thank you to the 2019 School Board and Parents & Friends Committee, who as representatives of the wider school community, have kept us on track financially and worked hard to build a strong sense of community.

Special thanks to the students whose enthusiastic attitudes towards their learning pathways at St Thomas’ highlights the strengths of the school.

I wish to conclude by thanking everyone for your continued support and your ongoing contributions to our school.

May you and your families have a happy and Holy Christmas and as we pause for the birth of Jesus. May we experience His presence on our journey into 2019.

Student Leaders: Congratulations must also go to our Student Representatives for 2019: Ruby Preston, Aidan Bourne, Genevieve Hagemann and Alex Garbowski who were presented with their badges at the St. Thomas’ Christmas Concert.

Our school Faction Captains were also announced. Congratulations to: Gittens: Sam Hicks & Poppy Hartfield, Sheridan: Gemma O'Brien & Annabel Hurst and Forrest: Isabel Hennessy & Zavier Burns.


Thanksgiving/Graduation Liturgy: Thanks to Mr. von Bergheim for organising a wonderful Graduation Liturgy Wednesday morning. The liturgy was beautiful and gave the whole school community the opportunity to wish a fond farewell to our Year Six students before they head off to high school. Congratulations to the winners of the St Thomas’ Lantern Awards: Maya Ness & Lucas Preston. This award was presented to the two students that the staff and Fr. Wayne believed most actively lived out the five values of St Thomas’ (inclusivity, compassion, truth, excellence and community) and live like Jesus within the school community during their time at St. Thomas’.



The children’s Semester Two Reports will be sent home today. Every child’s report is disparate and will highlight their individual strengths and challenges. When the report comes home please utilise it to set goals for next year. Each child’s achievement is unique and they possess special gifts and talents.

An additional inclusion in the envelope of Year Three and Five students is their results in the Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment (BRLA). The report highlights the different aspects of the assessment and provides a summary of the students’ scores. The Year Three and Five students at St Thomas’ have continued to achieve well above the State Mean when compared to all other catholic schools.

I congratulate the parents, who are the first educators of their children, the students and the staff, for this commendable result.

2019 Dates

The Uniform Shop will be open for New families on 29 January from 9.00am – 10.30am. As fittings for children can be a little time consuming, we ask that new families make an appointment with the office. If you cannot attend on this day, please contact Julie in the office to make alternative arrangements. 9286 9500

Current families are asked to attend between 10:30am to 11:30am.


First day for students Pre-Kindy and Pre Primary to Year Six students is MONDAY 04 FEBRUARY 2019.

Kindergarten children start TUESDAY 05 FEBRUARY.

Lost Property

There are a number of items in the office. Please come & take a look if you can't locate items at home! (Office will be open until Wednesday).

Also we are on the lookout for some Clarks lace up shoes (wide fitting). We have a pair of Gro-Stu fit For School black lace up shoes in size 3 UK in the office which we believe have been muddled up with them.

Please double check all items at home do belong to your child and if they don't you are welcome to drop off to the office - no questions asked!


Watch this video to see some of the amazing things we have been up to! We hope you've enjoyed this new feature of Monthly Review Videos. They will be back again next year!
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Continued from last Newsletter... Tips and suggestions for establishing rules for iPad/device usage at home.

Tip #9: Be a role model for your children

Digital technology is now an integral part of our lives, but it’s not the only option we have for entertainment, information and or communication. Before we help our young people, it’s best to look at our own digital habits to make sure we are providing them with what they need – that is, leading by example and being balanced role models who know when to use and when not to use their devices. They are far more likely to walk our walk than follow our talk.

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I hope you have found Tech Tips a valuable addition to the Newsletter this year. If you have any queries regarding technology, please don't hesitate to contact the school.

Ryan von Bergheim

Assistant Principal

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Congratulations Liezel!

I am delighted to announce that Extend St Thomas Claremont is the overall winner of the BEST Program Opportunities at the National Gilbies award over the weekend. Liezel had an amazing time in Melbourne with her colleagues and to take back to Western Australia a beautiful trophy, team prize and certificate to share and display in the program with the children and families.

To say Liezel is delighted with this achievement is a huge understatement. Liezel can't wipe the smile off her face.

I, along with Darren, Amy Winchester National Operations Manager and all the Head Office Departments at Extend are so incredibly proud of the Extend Team at St Thomas Claremont and the enriching program and opportunities they provide for the children, families and school community.

Congratulations St Thomas Claremont Extend OSHC Team.

Tennis coaching before school at St.Thomas Primary School in 2019

We are very excited to announce that Tennis Factory has formed an association with the school to conduct its award-winning tennis coaching program for students before-school in Term 1.

There are spaces for all years, pre primary to Year 6 (limited though to only 6 places for years 4-6) for children wishing to participate in tennis coaching before school on a Tuesday morning from 7.45-8.30 am. The cost is $180 for 8 weeks. The coaching will be conducted at the tennis courts at Rowe Park and then we will walk the children to school afterwards.

We will open enrolments in the next 7-10 days. To register your interest in the program, please email us at We will take your details and send you info on how to book in to the program.

Tennis Factory will also be conducting holiday tennis camps at the school’s nearest Tennis Factory tennis club, Onslow Park TC on Onslow Road, Shenton Park. Visit for more info.


Hello everyone!

Our last newsletter of the year, and what a fantastic year it has been!! There were so many beautiful things that had happened especially this Term 4 2018 including being blessed with having so many wonderful friends, learning how to share, to care, to be respectful and to be responsible of our leadership role each day. But most of all, we are thrilled to announce that the Extend St Thomas’ Primary School, Claremont is the overall winner of the BEST Program Opportunities at the National Gilbies Award. This past weekend I was lucky enough to be flown to Melbourne as one of the finalists to attend Extend’s staff Awards Ceremony, out of more than 100 schools across Australia, we won the award- Yes, we did it! Congratulations to us all!- team effort and great contributions from the amazing kids of St. Thomas’. Thank you for the support, I am truly honoured and blessed to be part of this beautiful community.

Over the last two weeks of the Term, we have been busy with our Christmas theme activities such as DIY 3D Paper Christmas Tree and Christmas cards making, colouring in, making letters and Christmas lists to santa, snowdome and candy cane hunt. Cooking biscuit has become our firm favourite- Snow, Christmas Tree and Gingerbread man Biscuit. We also enjoyed making healthy treat- Strawberry and Cream Santas and finally we have had our fun Christmas Party.

As the school year ends, we want to thank everyone who made 2018 an exciting and memorable year for Extend Before and After School Care. We wish everyone a really happy Christmas season with friends and family! Have a wonderful and safe holiday break!

Liezel Menguito

Extend Service Coordinator

Our Extend Superstars are:

Lily Gavranic for her positive attitude and the fantastic effort she put into Extend’s program by helping not only the educators but her friends especially the little ones in running the activities such as baking, sports and crafts. Her leadership skills is impressive!

Aurelia Barbaro and Natalia Relota for their incredible idea to help maintain smooth and meaningful afternoon, they acted to be the secret agents, caught their friends doing an amazing job and helped those who need to improve themselves. Well- done girls!- another special role to add next year.

Extend Before and After School Care

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