Mac Barnett

Coming to our school!

Come and read his blog and see his videos!!

Guess again

This is one of Mac Barnett's oldest children books. It is a fun book where you guess what something is and it ends out wacky! Read to find out all of these silly things! Go see what is about!
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The terrible two

This is Mac's newest book. It has two kids that are pranksters in war to see who is better at pranks. Read to find out more! See what it is about!
Telephone By Mac Barnett Illustrated by Jen Corace

Telephone By Mac Barnett

This funny book is based off the game telephone. Instead of saying the right things they say even sillier things

Some of Mac Barnett's Books

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Chloe and the Lion
Digging for diamonds
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Sam and Dave dig a hole

It is a funny book about these boys who dig holes and when they miss something you will go What!!

The skunk

This is Mac's newest book. It is about a skunk following a man. It is funny.
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