Tropical Rain Forest

By, Mallory, Tabitha and Raven

Where is the Temperate Rain Forest found?

The Temperate Rain Forest is found in Africa, Europe, Asia.

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1. Water 2. Trees 3. Oil

Threats & Dangers


  • Logging interests cut down rain forest trees for timber used in flooring, furniture, and other items.
  • Power plants and other industries cut and burn trees to generate electricity.
  • The paper industry turns huge tracts of rain forest trees into pulp.


  • Sustainable-logging regimes that selectively cull trees rather than clear-cut them would save millions of acres of rain forest every year.
  • Campaigns that educate people about the destruction caused by rain forest timber and encourage purchasing of sustainable rain forest products could drive demand down enough to slow deforestation.
  • Encouraging people who live near rain forests to harvest its bounty (nuts, fruits, medicines) rather than clear-cutting it for farmland would save million of acres.

Animals in the Tropical Rainforest

Carnivore~ Assassin Bug! Will stab its prey with its beak and instantly kill it.

Herbivore~ Caterpillar! Some are poisonous to prey.

Omnivore~ Human!!! Have many resources available!

Did you know?

Did you know that a giant bamboo plant grows up to 9 inches a day? ITS TRUE! If we grew like that, we could all be star basketball players!

Did you know that a part of the Tropical Rainforest the size of a football field is cut down every second? WE NEED TO STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES!!

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