Civil Rights

By: Matthew Zamboni

Top Ten Most Important Events

1. Brown versus Board of Education- supreme court reverses Plessy by stating all separate schools are by natural unequal.

2. Montgomery Boycott- Rosa Parks ignities 381 day Boycott

3. SCLC oppose local laws that support segregation.

4. Little Rock High school lets nine blacks be integrated into white schools.

5. NAACP sues the government to pay black and white teachers the same amount.

6. Malcolm X converts many to the the Muslim faith.

7. Martin Luther King Jr. writes "Letter from Birmingham Jail"

8. 20,000 blacks and whites gather to listen to MLK's "i have a Dream" speech.

9. President Truman signs Executive Order in 1948.

10. April 4, 1968 Martin luther King Jr. is murdered.